Minister Reminds People That Sporting Facilities Are Open for Exercising & Not Socialising

Since the start of the circuit breaker, you’ve been complaining on social media about your inability to go to the gym because the government closed down all sports facilities during the circuit breaker.

Little do your friends know, you’ve actually not been to the gym for the last 10 years because you’re a lazy bastard.

Reader: Ok, but it’s mostly the circuit breaker thing.

Sure it is.

Now, with Phase 2 in motion, chunky men and women all across Singapore are heading back to gyms and fitness studios to strengthen their neglected muscles and to lose all the weight they gained binge-watching shows.

But before that, know this first: Working out with your friends won’t be like it used to, though.

Minister Reminds People That Sporting Facilities Are Open for Exercising & Not Socialising

Exercise, but don’t socialise.

That’s the advice Minister for Culture, Community, and Youth Grace Fu and Sport Singapore (SportSG) CEO Lim Teck Yin have for fitness enthusiasts in the country, reported The New Paper.

After more than a two-month closure, sports facilities like stadiums, swimming complexes, sports halls, gyms, and fitness studios will reopen as Singapore enters the second phase of its safe reopening.

But that doesn’t mean that things are back to normal.

Stressing the importance of safe distancing in these facilities, Minister Fu said: “The instructor or whoever is in charge has to make sure that the groups of five are not mixing and that they are not mixing even after they leave.”

“We are urging everyone to be really cautious. This is not the time yet for socialising, it is really just for exercising, it is utilitarian, it is for a functional purpose, not for a drink after that.

“Let’s get the basic exercises that we need and, if things are calmer and get better, then we will relax (the restrictions) along with the other sectors.”

Bubble tea and dining out might be back, but if we aren’t careful, these things can easily be taken away again.

Image: Tenor

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Safe Distancing Rules In Sports Facilities

Just as with dining out, residents will have to abide by safe distancing measures when exercising in these facilities.

According to The New Paper, individuals will have to maintain a distance of 2m at all times from others while exercising. This will go up to 3m for high intensity or high movement exercises done indoors.

crossfit GIF
Image: Giphy

These facilities also have an operating capacity restriction of 10 sqm per person or a maximum of 50 people.

Group activities are limited to five participants.

If more than one group is sharing a space, they should maintain a distance of at least 3m and not interact with each other.

In other words, exercise, but don’t have fun.

Image: Tenor

High-Risk Areas

The SportSG CEO also called attention to high-risk areas where individuals are likely to interact and be in close proximity to each other.

“At our gyms, for example, the changing rooms, toilets are small areas which pose higher risks,” he said.


“As such, it is good practice to maintain social distancing and likewise not talk when inside these areas. So, really, the mindset is to come and exercise, enjoy the activity and then move on… don’t stay behind to socialise.”

Yes, so don’t socialise, don’t have fun, don’t talk, don’t breathe, and try your best not to exist at all, actually.

Existing is one of the main reasons the coronavirus is spreading so rapidly.

In all seriousness, it’s great to have our gyms and swimming pools back. Let’s make sure to exercise caution when using these facilities, so infections don’t spike again.

Reader: You were waiting this whole time to use that awful pun, weren’t you?


True, waiting, I was.

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