NEA Has Clarified That Stallholders Can Have Their Meals In Front of Their Stall

When PM Lee wanted all of us to help out in the fight against COVID-19, some of us took it to a whole new level.

Some people became citizen whistleblowers and started to snap images of people breaking the Circuit Breaker rules…even when there’s a very grey area.

Like, where can a food delivery personnel makan? Where can a taxi driver eat?

It got so bad that a post by a GrabFood rider has garnered well over 700 Shares in 3 hours:

In it, he appealed to people not to engage in unnecessary vigilantism.

But finally, NEA has come out to clarify that hawkers can indeed eat in front of his or her stall…because where else can they makan?

NEA Has Clarified That Stallholders Can Have Their Meals In Front of Their Stall

Today, NEA has spoken and all self-proclaimed vigilantes should be busy deleting their posts now.

Stallholders can have their meals in the coffeeshop or hawker centres.

According to NEA, “As the space within each stall may not be big enough, stallholders may consume their meals at the table immediately in front of their stalls.”

However, they’d still have to abide to the safe-distancing rules: keep a metre away from others and not share a table with another stallholder. And of course they’ve to have their meals on the table that’s just in front of them.

How About Food Delivery Personnel?

Nothing’s mentioned about food delivery personnel. Yet.

According to one of them, he’s highlighted the problem to the authorities and they’re looking into it.

In the meantime, do your part in the fight against COVID-19 by staying at home instead of snapping images of others outdoors while the authorities iron things out.

After all, lest you’ve forgotten, it’s only the 4th day of the Circuit Breaker period, though it feels like it’s the 40th day.