Star-Wars-Themed Sending Off in Mandai Crematorium Aptly Happened Close to May the 4th

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Funerals have always been tragic affairs.

It’s not easy to say goodbye to our loved ones, even harder to have to learn to cope with the absence and loss afterwards.

Regardless of which religion it is, there has always been common factors among them, such as respecting the dead, and acknowledging that the funeral would be the last and final journey where the living can accompany the dead.

It holds a great deal of significance.

Sometimes the best way to remember our loved ones is to send them off the way they would have wanted.

A Star Wars Themed Send-Off

Like this group of friends and family who braved the tropical heat of Singapore to clad themselves in Star Wars themed costumes, for the deceased who is evidently a hardcore Star Wars fan.

The whole send-off attracted quite a bit of attention at the Mandai Crematorium and Columbarium Complex, completed with Storm Troopers and a darkly dressed Darth Vader.

@icraft4good Saying goodbye is hard. #starwars #501st ♬ Star Wars – Produced – Ettore Stratta

The video starts with a coffin being slowly pushed into view, before a whole line of Star Wars characters appear to give the Star Wars fan—termed “my brother” by the original poster—a wonderful send-off that would have had the deceased in tears of joy if he could see this scene in the afterlife.

Naturally, the first to appear are the classic Storm Troopers.

Image: (@iCraft4Good)

Then they are followed with more people in costumes, before the main antagonist, Darth Vader, appears in his full glory, breathing mask, cape and all.

Image: (@iCraft4Good)
Image: (@iCraft4Good)

If that wasn’t impressive enough, they even added the Emperor’s Royal Guard to the rear, like he was the representative of the Emperor to pay respect to this diehard fan.

Image: (@iCraft4Good)

Though the deceased was not named, the effort that his family and friends put in shows that he was very much loved, to the extent where they would give him a thoughtful and meaningful send-off.

Netizens Moved by the Procession

As of writing this article, the video has gained 445,500 views, with netizens speeding to the comment section to pay their respects and condolences, whilst declaring “May the Force be with you”.

One of the TikTokers left an endearing comment: “Rest in Peace… The show of FORCE demonstrates the person you are and the impact you have on these comrades that they send you in full gear! 😢”

Right below, another commenter adds: “What a magnificent send off… True meaning of brotherhood. God bless you and May your Brother Rest in Peace 🙏♥️🌻 ”


Some of the users were clearly Star Wars fans as well, because they seemed incredibly touched by the significance of the send-off.


For those who are puzzled by the subtle references, The Force in Star Wars refers to a mysterious energy field created by all living things, binding the galaxy together. Those who can successfully harness the power of the Force will gain impressive abilities, like moving objects and being able to control minds.

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Mourning on the Right Day

In a feat of coincidence, or perhaps an arrangement by the mystical force, this video was uploaded just a few days before 4 May, which is the informal commemorative day for Star Wars which is observed annually by the franchise’s passionate fans.

Perhaps the original poster has taken a page out of Yoda’s book when he planned the entire funeral, “Death is a natural part of life. Rejoice for those who transform into the Force. Mourn them do not.”

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