Starbucks Having BLACKPINK-Themed Drinks & Merchandises from 25 July


Call all Blinks (the name of the fandom supporting the K-pop girl group BLACKPINK) in Singapore.

There will soon be some treats to cool you off this scorching summer.

Starbucks and BLACKPINK are collaborating to “unleash a new experience” in the Asia Pacific region comprising drinks and merchandise.


Singapore, together with eight other markets in the region, were selected for this promotion.

Here are some details about this exciting collaboration to look forward to.

BLACKPINK and Starbucks Are Collaborating to Release a New Drink

One of the stars of this collaboration between the well-known drinks franchise and the K-pop girl group is the BLACKPINK Strawberry Choco Cream Frappuccino® Blended Beverage.


This is a brand new drink which looks mainly pink in colour (with a touch of black).

This drink “blends strawberry syrup and dark chocolate sauce with feel-good oat milk and chocolate curls, topped with light pink whipped cream and a symbolic heart-shaped chocolate”.

According to Starbucks, the drink is meant to mimic the “chic and edgy vibe” of BLACKPINK’s most recent album, Born Pink.

For those who are unaware, BLACKPINK was recently in Singapore for their BORN PINK Singapore tour on 13 May 2022, which sparked a flurry of complaints from those who attended.

There Will Also Be Merchandise Available for Purchase

While you are in queue for a drink at Starbucks, why not take the opportunity to look at some of the exclusive merchandise sold as part of this collaboration?

Blinks may be pleased to know that there will be a BLACKPINK + STARBUCKS® collection.


This collection is described as an “epic line-up of 11 types of drinkware and six lifestyle accessories featuring a signature contrasting pink and black colour palette and funky graffiti motifs”.

The inspiration behind these designs is “playful vibes and dynamic energy” to show off “confidence with an edge to live the best summer”.

Based on the images of the merchandise, the members’ signatures appear to be featured on some of the cups.


Of course, the merchandise also revolves heavily around the colours black and pink.

If you are not a fan of cups and tumblers, the lifestyle accessories available for purchase may interest you instead.


Some of these items include “reusable tote bags, yoga mats, passport holders, and key chains”, which feature “unique BLACKPINK doodles-style prints”.

Like what you see?

Get your wallets ready for the exclusive release beginning on 25 July at select Starbucks stores across the island.


The merchandise is limited edition, so do grab your set quickly before stocks run out.