Starbucks’ New Ombre Drink is Every Instagrammer’s Dream Come True


Starbucks fans, we bet you know this already. This is an Instagrammer’s and every coffee and tea lover’s dream come true, because this new drink is the blend of matcha tea and espresso!

If you’re an avid Tumblr user, you’ll always find yourself looking at the many beautiful pictures of ombre drinks – which you can never seem to find in Singapore or is probably too afraid to ask the barista for. There’s no need to ogle at these pretty drinks now, since you can just ask for one yourself. Read on to find out about this new ombre drink, as well as other new flavours which you might just get addicted to.

Image: Facebook (Starbucks Singapore)
Image: Facebook (Starbucks Singapore)

Matcha Espresso


Known as Starbuck’s Teavana, this series includes tea drinks including the popular Matcha and Espresso Fusion. This beautifully layered tea-coffee is sure to captivate the hearts of matcha lovers, and you can enjoy it iced or hot. The look of this drink consists of three layers, with the greenish matcha right at the bottom followed by creamy white milk and espresso sitting right on the top layer. Get to “experience both worlds,” which is referring to the coffee and tea with this new cool drink.

Ice shaken black tea with ruby grapefruit and honey


One of Teavana’s drink, the ice shaken black tea with ruby grapefruit and honey is a refreshing alternative for tea lovers. For those who don’t fancy coffee, you might want to try this drink. As the name suggests, this is a black tea drink combined with zesty ruby grapefruit, mixed with honey for a tinge of sweetness. This orange coloured drink can be ordered iced or hot as well, and is a perfect option to eat with your cakes and pastries without feeling much guilt. As seen on their Facebook, this drink has a slight orange to yellow ombre effect – perfect for your Instagram shot along with the Matcha Espresso.

Iced shaken Hibiscus tea with pomegranate pearls


Ditch your pearl milk tea, you could try the hibiscus tea and chew on these pomegranate pearls for a healthier option! You could never go wrong with a floral tea, and lush tangy peals have been added to this drink for that extra burst of flavour! The pink looking drink with purplish pearls will make the ideal drink on a hot sunny afternoon.

Now that you’ve got enough images for your Instagram, how about some other interesting (i.e. old but gold!) drinks that might not be Instagram-worthy enough, but are still heavenly? Here’re three for you!


Starbucks Secret Menu in Singapore
And here’s a little something for you: Starbuck’s secret drinks that you can order in Singapore! We’re sure you already know about the concept of their secret drinks, but here’s some unique and popular flavours for you to try. Be sure to note down the recipes in case your neighborhood baristas don’t know, because who can remember 100 secret recipes?

Nutella Frappuccino
Made with hazelnut and mocha syrup, this drink also contains whipped cream and your regular coffee which sums up the perfect Frappuccino. Who doesn’t love nutella?

Ariana Grande Frappuccino
Maybe the baristas loved her that much, or maybe Ariana Grande did want a customized Starbucks. This drink includes mocha syrup, mocha chips, whipped cream and a caramel drizzle in a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino mixed with Raspberry syrup. You’ll feel like a dangerous woman ordering this drink, or maybe you’ll finally get one less problem after drinking it.

Featured Image: Facebook (Starbucks Singapore)

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