Starbucks Super Cute Rat Mugs & Tumblers For This Rat Year Will Make You Go There Immediately

It’s the beginning of a new year and most people would know that this year is the Year of the Rat!

Well, if you didn’t know, it’s okay because Starbucks is here to remind you about that.

Starbucks has announced the release of their new collection for Chinese New Year (CNY) and they’re all pretty cute.

Seeing as to how it’s the Year of the Rat, you would probably have already guessed that their new collection would be rat-themed.

You’ll be able to shop for cute tumblers, mugs, and even cold cups, allowing you to sip your coffee in the most stylish way.

Fancy A Cute Rat Mug?

So if you were born in the Year of the Rat or are simply a fan of those delicate beings, you’ll definitely not want to miss out on these.

Hello Collection / Image: Starbucks Singapore

The classic Starbucks cup has the paws of the rat drawn on them as it peeks out at you while you wait for your coffee to cool.

This set comes with a 3oz cup and a leafy saucer at the price of $28.90.

Say Cheese Collection / Image: Starbucks Singapore

These red mugs are bound to bring up your spirits for CNY as it approaches us fast!

This set comes with a big version of 12oz and a smaller version of 3oz, so if you’re a family with a little kid, you can get this as a matching family set.

The mugs also have fireworks on them as a celebratory gesture in light of the upcoming CNY.

The 12oz mug is sold at $24.90 and the 3oz mug is sold at $18.90.

Friends Collection / Image: Starbucks Singapore

Take a look at the Friends collection and you’ll probably instantly be reminded of your best friends who have stuck by you all this while.

You can opt to get the first mug on the left which also acts as a decorative piece when you’re not having any beverage, or get the one on the right if you’re looking to have more company as you sip your coffee on the daily. They’re both 12oz mugs.

We do love some dual-functionality mugs!

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The one on the left costs $39.90 while the other costs $30.90.

Cheers Collection / Image: Starbucks Singapore

Fancy something a little more pastel-coloured? Fret not because the Cheers collection has these adorable pastel pink 12oz mugs with a rat-shaped lid so that your beverage won’t cool too fast. You can choose either design or simply get them both.

The left one costs $22.90 while the one on the right costs $32.90.

Or How About Getting Some Portability With Style?

Moving on to something slightly more portable, we have the tumblers and the cold cups! These rat-themed tumblers will allow you to remain stylish and on-trend wherever you go.

Peekaboo Collection / Image: Starbucks Singapore

Need some extra luck? Check out these tumblers with rats giving baskets of blessings. Need to study till late for your upcoming examinations and tests? Need to do OT in the office to finish up some work before you can leave? Simply reach for these and who knows? They might actually bless you for it!

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The 20oz cold cup is selling for $39.90 while the 10oz tumbler is selling for $33.90.

New Year Wishes Collection / Image: Starbucks Singapore

Or opt for these instead from the New Year Wishes collection. The first tumbler on the right is 12oz and is selling for $23.90. The 24oz cold cup next to it is selling for $28.90. The rat bank is selling for $38.90 and the last 14oz bottle is selling for $23.90.

Oh So Fancy Collection / Image: Starbucks Singapore

Looking for something fancier? Choose this 16oz cold cup with a globe on the top for $29.90. The gold will surely brighten up your day.

Happy Days Collection / Image: Starbucks Singapore

In need of something sturdier? Take a sip from these red and pink tumblers for a recharge whenever you’re busy. Hopefully, the cute little rat on the front gives you even more energy for the day!

The 16oz tumbler on the left costs $44.90 while the 12oz tumbler on the right costs $39.90.

Lucky Toast Collection / Image: Starbucks Singapore

These lucky charms are the perfect way to bring in the new year with their auspicious red and orange!

The first 16oz tumbler on the left costs $26.90 and the 16oz cold cup next to it costs $36.90. The third 16oz tumbler from the left costs $26.90 and the 16oz cold cup next to it costs $22.90.

Warmth Collection / Image: Starbucks Singapore

If you’re looking for something milder and less eye-catching, or rather, something that doesn’t exactly scream CNY in your face, you can still take a look at their Warmth collection or their Globe collection.

The Warmth collection features the above tumblers in duller colours but not without the cuteness of the rats brightening them up. There’s still a hint of CNY in them with the mandarin oranges on them but at least it’s not a bright red.

The 16oz blue tumbler on the left costs $26.90 while the 16oz one on its right costs $45.90. The 16oz cold cup on the far right with a rat on its lid costs $56.90.

Globe Collection / Image: Starbucks Singapore

The Globe collection features a rat glass cup that can be seen most clearly when you turn it upside down and a blue tumbler with a globe at the bottom, allowing you to shake it around every time you need something to distract you for a while. The mandarin oranges on the tumbler still show that it’s part of the CNY collection.

The 6oz glass cup costs $32.90 while the 12oz tumbler costs $28.90.


Starbucks Collectibles

Other than the CNY rat-themed products, Starbucks has also launched another line of CNY merchandise.

Mister Bearista Collection / Image: Starbucks Singapore

The snow globe features a rat in it as it hugs a disposable cup of Starbucks coffee and it’ll be yours for $30.90. Their signature Bearista mascot has rat ears on him while he holds onto a Starbucks mug. This costs $38.90.

Starbucks Red Packets / Image: Starbucks Singapore

Celebrate CNY with Starbucks and give your relatives some Starbucks angbaos! For Gold members, these will be yours as long as you purchase anything from their CNY collection.

Chinese Zodiac Pin Collection / Image: Starbucks Singapore

If you’re someone who loves zodiacs, perhaps you can take a look at their Chinese Zodiac Pin collection and see for yourself if you would like to get them. This collection features their signature Bearista in different outfits that represent each different zodiac. Get the entire collection for $69.90!

Also, if you count it properly, you’ll notice that they’ve given an additional pin featuring a Bearista dressed up all ready for a lion dance. Super adorable.

Musical Box / Image: Starbucks Singapore

If you’re a fan of musical boxes, you probably wouldn’t want to miss the exclusive Starbucks musical box. This shows a rat barista as he makes your favourite coffee while a tune plays. You can get this at $89.90.

Where Can I Get All The Items?

Before you head down to any Starbucks outlet close to you, do take note that these items are only available at selected stores and you can find out the availability of them by checking out their online website.

Have fun buying some CNY merchandise from Starbucks and we hope that they bring you the blessings you desire!

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