StarHub Internet Went Down in This Morning (15 Apr), Then Went Down Again In the Afternoon


If you’re telecommuting, you’d start to appreciate two things.

The air-conditioner in the office and the fast Internet there.

Reader Bao: How about your colleagues and the food there?

My colleagues all hate me and the Goody Feed office is at Bukit Batok Crescent.

Lest you didn’t know, the reason why the Internet in your office is much faster than the one at home is that commercial fibre connection is often much more expensive as it’s catered for more people; it can go up to hundreds (you usually won’t find the list price online as it’s quoted by salespeople) while the home fibre is less than $50 a month.

So with everyone at home fighting for the connection now, it’s bound to get a tad slower.

This morning, it didn’t just become slower for some StarHub users; it totally went offline, and it’s not because your annoying sibling is streaming Tiger King in 4K.

StarHub Internet Went Down in the Morning Today

According to StarHub, fibre services for “some customers in the North and North-East regions were temporarily affected this morning for about 20 minutes due to a fault in a network equipment.”

I can vouch for that since I live in the north and for 20 minutes (actually I felt that it was more than that), my world collapsed and I had to sleep for an additional 20 minutes.

But it eventually went back online soon after.

StarHub added, “Backup equipment took over immediately and affected services started to resume progressively. We advise customers to reboot their modems and routers to refresh their data connection.”

So you’d have thought that everything’s fine, eh?

The network equipment is now goody le?

After all, no one can live without the Internet during this Circuit Breaker period.

But alas; this afternoon (around 3pm), my phone that’s connected to the house Wifi started to use 4G instead.

That’s disturbing because my laptop is still working fine, which means I’d still have to work and can’t stream Netflix with my phone.


Is there something wrong with my—oh, no.

StarHub has its second disruption in a day.

StarHub: We’re Aware of Intermittent Internet Connectivity

StarHub updated its statement on 3:45pm, saying that they’re “aware that some of our fibre broadband customers are facing issues with intermittent internet connectivity.”

They’re currently investigating the issue.

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Interesting enough, when I lost my connection, I went to StarHub Facebook Page and thought that it was just me, as they had advised people who initially claimed that they had lost their connection to restart their router and modem.


Which I also did and still could not stream Tiger King in 4K.

So if you’re on a StarHub fibre now, you might want to use your 4G to have your videoconferencing.

Unless it’s with your boss lah. That one, good excuse to siam his face now.

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