Man Jailed for 16 Months ‘Coz He Stole 10,576 Fresh & Frozen Whole Chickens

Here’s the introduction to this serious article: over 10,000 chickens were misappropriated. The stolen chickens can’t be recovered.

And also, you might be the one who’ve eaten the stolen chicken.

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When you’re done with your laughing, inform me and we can come back to this article.



Done? Okay, here goes.

Man Jailed for 16 Months ‘Coz He Stole 10,000 Fresh & Frozen Chicken

Au Yong Seh Enn, a 33-year-old Malaysian who worked for Hy-Fresh Industries in Singapore since 2013, was an operations manager. Hy-Fresh Industries is a chicken distribution company, so it, erm, distribute chickens lah.

Au Yong’s job is to buy, sell and deliver chickens to customers.

Last year, two staff members from Hy-Fresh Industries spotted major discrepancies in the stock figures for the months of September, October and November. In other words, there were less chickens than usual.

The employees told their boss about the missing chickens, and Au Yong admitted that he’s the chicken stealer.

The boss then made a police report, and more information about Operation Chicken Heist was revealed.

Firstly, the total cost of all the chickens is $50,000 to $60,000. Each chicken, whether fresh or frozen, was $2.86.

FYI, the selling price of a whole chicken in NTUC Online is about $4.65.

Au Yong didn’t take the chickens and makan all of them at home. Instead, he sold them to other people (third parties) by cartons of 10 chickens per box.

In September 2019, he misappropriated 2,337 chickens. In October 2019, he misappropriated 4,268 chickens. And finally, from 1st to 18th November, he misappropriated 3,971 chickens.

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And he even misappropriated five cartons of chicken wings.

Chickens Can’t Be Found

The chickens are probably now in people’s stomach so they couldn’t be recovered. And Au Yong couldn’t make any restitution as he has used the chicken money to settle his gambling debts and repay loans that he had obtained from unlicensed moneylenders.

For stealing a grand total of 10,576 chickens and 5 cartons of chicken wings, Au Yong was sentenced to 16 months’ jail.

Lesson of the day?

Don’t steal chicken.

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Actually, don’t steal anything.


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