Stefanie Sun Reveals Hardships As A Singer In Heartfelt IG Post

Plenty of Singapore singers have tried to break into the Taiwan and China market. Some managed to make it while some did not. And one of the singers from Singapore who has done us proud is Stefanie Sun.

Image: The Singapore Woman’s Weekly

Debuting back in the year 2000, Stefanie Sun has been regaling Singaporeans, Taiwanese and more with her soulful vocals and beautiful melodies.

And recently, because it’s her twentieth year anniversary, she wrote a reflection on her journey in the entertainment industry.

The Unexpected Life Of A Celebrity

She wrote about how she had finally achieved her dream of becoming a singer 20 years ago.

Picking up her bag, she flew to Taiwan where all Mandopop singers aspire to go.

When she was in Taiwan, she realised the crazy schedule celebrities hold:

Stuck in a traffic jam? Talk to a reporter.

Done with your TV programme? Great! We got to get to the next one.

And she describes how she reached home at night, only to get up in the morning and do it all over again.

I Would Choose Freedom

A couple of years later, as the market in Mainland China started expanding, Stefanie Sun’s activities over there start increasing.

And so, she would fly between both countries often, promoting her career.

She has been doing this for so many years; being broken, becoming more reserved and appearing on the news.

And looking back, she might’ve preferred to choose freedom.

She was lost and found her life to has lost its meaning.

But thankfully, she found a partner and have two beautiful kids later. And slowly, she began to regain her life.

“I’m Going To Keep Running Forward”

Stefanie Sun ended off her post by concluding that every single experience in her 20-year journey, be it good, bad, painful or happy; it’s all worth it.

“These falls and bruises, these enriching experiences at every stage of my life, and the people who walked with me — they are worth every limp.”

But she assures her fans that she will keep moving forward no matter what.

You Can Read Her Full IG Post Below:

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