Stray Bullet Strikes Baby Shark Toy Inches From Sleeping 3YO Toddler; May Have Saved Her Life

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Heroes come in all shapes and sizes.

Including the shape of a Baby Shark.

Yes, that Baby Shark.

Huffpost reported that in Wisconsin, a stray bullet missed hitting a toddler because a baby shark doll was in the way. 

Image: NBC15

The baby shark toy was just a few inches away from the sleeping toddler and it has a massive hole from the bullet that had penetrated the wall. 

What Happened?

A few rounds apparently entered neighbouring residences during a Sunday-night firefight in Madison. 

One missed the 3-year-old toddler Aziyah by just 5 inches. 

The bullet that was recovered from the Bark Shark Toy only missed Aziyah by just a few inches and if not for the toy, she could have been hurt by it said the girl’s mother. 

Image: Giphy

When the toddler’s mom heard the gunshots, she immediately ran to her daughter’s room and used her body as a shield to protect her daughter. 

Why Did It Happen?

45 other shell casings were found from the gunfight that occurred a few miles from the University of Wisconsin. 

While it is still not known what had triggered the gunfight, this was one of the highest number of bullets that had been fired in a crime there. 

No one has been arrested for the crime yet. 

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Where Is The Baby Shark Now?

While the police took a picture of the toy for their filing and reference, the baby shark toy is still in baby Aziyah’s room, guarding and protecting her round the clock.

Image: Giphy

Aww, thankfully for the baby shark toy, the little toddler is alright. I guess right now, it is only right we stream the iconic baby shark song again, to commemorate such a heroic act like this one.

Now you can’t get the song off your mind. You’re welcome.

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