Stray Dog In M’sia Gets Lunch Every Day From Chicken Rice Hawker; Has A Different Meal Every Day


“Every dog has its day.”

Well, for one lucky dog, “every day is its day.”

In Sarawak, East Malaysia, one really lucky stray dog affectionately known as Little White gets lunch regularly every single day from a kindly chicken rice stall owner.

Here’s the heartwarming video:

Image: Facebook (Alex Sim)

From the video, you can see that Little White has already adopted a diva-esque attitude and feels that she has every right to claim the packet of chicken rice, just like a paying customer.

But hey, who can resist that adorable face right? I would have signed all my property over too.

Image: Facebook (Alex Sim)

Repeat after me: Awwww


Healthy Diet

In Little White’s specially prepared plastic of food, the stall owner adds generous portions of chicken breast, liver and rice. The liver, he says, is supposedly good for Little White’s skin.

Image: Facebook (Alex Sim)
Image: Facebook (Alex Sim)

Diva-esque much.

Anyway Little White does look a whole lot cuter than three-quarters of the wannabe Instagram “influencers” clogging up my bandwidth.

Hey, I’m just saying.

(But you know it’s true.)

Alex Sim’s video, posted on Saturday, 12 October 2019 has already racked up over 250K views, 2.9K shares, 1.1K comments and 4K reactions.

Go Little White Go! Take the World by Storm!


Different Menu Every Day

Even more shocking is that the stallholder takes the trouble to change Little White’s meal menu daily.

Whoa, talk about being spoilt for choice!

Or is Little White a spoilt dog?

I guess it’s hard to say ‘no’ to a long-time friend after knowing her for years and years. Even more so for one that is this smart and looks this cute.


Here are some of the comments on the videos:

Image: Facebook (Alex Sim)
Image: Facebook (Alex Sim)
Image: Facebook (Alex Sim)

You can see that many people are wishing the stallholder well.

It’s going to be great karma for the stallholder and maybe even an unexpected “publicity” video for the big-hearted chicken rice stall owner.


Many of the netizens responding to the video also commended Little White for her patience and intelligence.

Yup, you can definitely see a lot in those expressive, black eyes.

I sincerely wish the chicken rice stall owner many, many more great years of a thriving business.

Hopefully, his business quadruples instantly because of this happy event.

After all, his stall now has a viral video linked to it.

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