Stray Puppy Cries In The Rain Beside Dead Friend; Refuses To Abandon It

Image: YouTube

It’s heartbreaking that some people don’t believe that animals have feelings.

If anything, this incident proves otherwise.

Stray Puppy Cries In The Rain Beside Dead Friend; Refuses To Abandon It

The incident happened on a rainy evening in Sichuan, China on 25 October. A man who only gave his name as Xiong stumbled upon two stray puppies by the side of the road.

Image: Tenor

What do you do when you stumble upon puppies by the side of the road?

You stop your car and get out, of course. As he got out of his car, he could hear a little puppy crying. The other puppy’s lifeless body was just lying beside it.

Image: YouTube

He went closer to it to see if it was still alive and realised that it was no longer breathing.

He then took a piece of cloth, believed to be an apron and wrapped it around the wailing puppy. The poor little guy must’ve been so scared that his only friend was gone.

Image: YouTube

To make matters worse, the little puppy was sopping wet from the rain.

Image: Giphy

Brought The Little Puppy Home

Not wanting to leave the distressed puppy out in the cold alone, he decided to bring the puppy home.

However, it was reported that Xiong wasn’t able to keep the puppy due to the rescuer’s current situation.

Hence, he began looking for someone who was willing to adopt the puppy.

ET Today reported that the puppy’s situation has been widely shared on the internet. Many netizens have offered to adopt it and wished the doggo well.

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However, the doggo is said to be “weak and unresponsive.”

The fate of the puppy is unknown but we definitely hope that it has found a loving home and recovered.

In the meantime, excuse me while I cry in a corner.

You can watch the full video here: