Student Attacked Father With Steak Knife At Bishan Because He Refused To Give Him Money

The world is indeed different now, and kids are indeed getting bolder nowadays.

And I’m not referring to them doing dangerous stunts and posting them on Instagram Stories…but this:

Furious after his father refused to give him the $2,000 that he asked for, a 19-year-old student attacked and stabbed him, landing him in the hospital.

On Wednesday, 27 Feb 2019, Dylan Loy Zhong Huan pleaded guilty in court for causing grievous hurt to his father, Mr Loy Shiang Chian.

The Reason for the Stabbing

Prior to this, Dylan Loy, who had been living with his grandparents since November 2016, had asked his father for $3000.

He claimed that he needed the money to take Uber rides as part of a ‘survey’.

The father had transferred $1000 to his son’s bank account.

Dylan Loy spent all the money, then asked his father for a further $2000. His father refused to hand the money over.

At 6 am on 26 November 2018, the 19-year-old asked his grandparents for the money but they likewise refused to give it to him.

In response, the boy headed to his father’s flat in Bishan, armed with a steak knife that had an 8 cm long blade.

The Attack and the Aftermath

At 8.30 am, when Mr Loy was leaving his house, he saw Dylan Loy hiding behind a shoe cabinet.

The son confronted his father about the $2000 that had been refused him before pushing his father.

Mr Loy warned the boy not to touch him.

Dylan Loy then grabbed his father’s key pouch, throwing it forwards into the drain along the corridor.

As his father went after it, Dylan Loy used the 8cm blade of the knife to stab his father in the back of his head multiple times.

The victim screamed for help, still trying to prevent the boy from using the keys to enter the flat.

According to Deputy Public Prosecutor Michelle Lu, “the accused continued to stab and slash the victim… and he also punched and kicked the victim multiple times.”

A neighbour heard Mr Loy’s cries for help and alerted the police. Mr Loy was taken by ambulance to Tan Tock Seng hospital where he received treatment for multiple stab wounds.


District Judge May Mesenas called for reports to assess Dylan Loy’s suitability for probation and reformative training.

If the teenager is sentenced to reformative training, he will be sent to a reformative training centre where he has to follow a strict regimen that includes foot drills and counselling.

For causing grievous hurt with a weapon, the penalty includes getting jailed for up to 15 years and getting fined or caned.


Singaporeans’ Responses

In light of this incident, Singaporeans have had a mixed response.

Some Singaporeans, as usual, made jokes out of it:

Image: Screengrab from Reddit
Image: Screengrab from Reddit

With others, this sparked a discussion on final piety and the value, or lack of thereof, of having children:

Image: Screengrab from Reddit

Here’s the TL; DR in case you can’t read the screengrab:

  • People give birth to children and expect them to be well-rounded individuals without inculcating positive values in them.
  • And most parents don’t know what it really means to be a good parent
  • If you can’t provide your children with a proper upbringing, you should reconsider having a kid
  • After all, people who aren’t meant to have kids are having them now because of a “basic human desire”
  • A way must be found to reach out and educate “unknowing would-be parents”.

What do you think?

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