Student Scams Online Scammer Into Giving Him Money Then Donates It To Charity

Sometimes, you got to respect the attempt a scammer makes.

They have to come up with elaborate stories in order to trick victims, using the power of speech and writing to give a convincing argument.

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But sometimes, the scammer meets a smart person.

In some cases, said smart person has an even bigger scheme than the scammer and takes money from THEM instead.

Today we look at one of these happier endings.

A Typical Scam(?)

Things started out pretty normal for a scamming situation.

22-year-old student Ross Walsh received an email from someone called Solomon Gundi, asking for £1,000 (S$1,700~) in exchange for half of his business.

I don’t know what’s more suspicious, the scam or that his name sounds like a bad rip-off of DC comic villain, Solomon Grundy.

Image: BBC

As you can see, it’s pretty weird where if your business is earning so much more than S$1,700, you suddenly prop up to ask people to invest.

Which is apparently what Ross thought too.

In a slightly cheeky manner, Ross gave a fake counter offer of roughly S$84,853 to “get the ball running.”

Check out the hilarious email.

Image: BBC

Yeah, go big or go home.

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In fact, Ross went even further and sent a doctored image of the “transaction” to Solomon, just to show some “proof”.

Image: BBC

He even told the scammer that the pair should “speak in code” to avoid “the taxman”.

According to BBC, the codes were as follows:

Money would be code for “high ball”, transaction would be code for “short puck out”, business would be code for “county final” and PayPal code for “the square”.

Apparently this is Ross’ third time dealing with such cases, so the guy was mad prepared.

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When Solomon questioned why there was no transaction of any cash yet, he replied saying that a small sum of money was needed in order to prove that transaction was indeed legitimate.

Now, here’s when everything gets exciting.


Solomon fell for it and donated around S$42 to Ross.

What did he do with the free money?

Image: BBC

Yup, Ross donated it straight to the Irish Cancer Society. What a chad.

As a final word to his scamming opponent, he only had this to say.

Image: BBC

If you translate it from the code-speak earlier, it would read, “One thing you need to understand about business is never trust a transaction.”


And as a spectator of this situation, I only have one thing to say.

Image: Gfycat
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