S’pore Student Caught on Video Saying ‘I’ll End Your Life’ to Presumably a Teacher


A student threatened a teacher during an argument, telling him “I’ll end your life right now” while other classmates egged them on.

Here’s what happened.

Teacher Shouted At Student: “Don’t Scold Me”

A 55-second video went viral on 23 August, showing a secondary school male student arguing with a teacher in a classroom. From the uniform, it seems like they’re from St. Andrew’s Secondary School.

At the start of the video, the teacher was shouting at the student “don’t scold me” three times. Which is pretty ironic, since it’s usually the student getting scolded.

The student then pushed his mask off and pointed his finger at the teacher’s face, saying, “what are you going to do about it?” He also told the teacher to “get a bloody life first” when the teacher told him to not say the “four-letter word”.

While this entire scene was playing out, people in the background could be heard egging them on, saying “fight, fight” and laughing.

“I Will End Your Life Right Now”

One would have thought that the fight ended after the boy walked away, but he ended up doubling back.


He pointed a finger at the teacher again and brushed against his arm, to which the teacher yelled “don’t touch me” repeatedly at him.

The boy then threatens the teacher, saying, “You watch your mouth, I will end your life right now”.

A man was standing at the doorway observing the fight, but the student’s threat seemed to have been the last straw as he stepped in to talk to the teacher.

The video cuts off with the boy telling the teacher to go away.

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Netizens: Both Parties At Fault?

In the Facebook comments section, many netizens were criticising the boy, saying that he had no respect for his teacher at all.

Image: Facebook

However, some netizens also pointed out that the teacher shouldn’t have raised his voice at the student either. This isn’t like the old days anymore, where respect is a given; instead, respect should be earned.

Image: Facebook

But one thing’s for sure: the student who recorded and uploaded the video will be in trouble. According to St. Andrew’s code of conduct, any form of recording within the school is not allowed, unless permission has already been given.

Image: Facebook

We should also keep in mind that this video started halfway through the fight, so we don’t have the full context needed to understand both parties’ actions.

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