Study Shows Foods Like Nuggets or Instant Noodles Increase Cancer Risk by 12%


Do you like sodas?


How about chicken nuggets?


I am sure no one can refuse a piping cup of instant noodles.


And those ready-to-eat frozen meals which are a lifesaver.


What do they all have in common?

Apart from making you feel alive, these ultra-processed foods are super unhealthy.

Now there is a new study that might make you ditch the said foods.

The Study

According to a study published by The BMJ, there is a link between ultra-processed foods and cancer.

Among the 150,000 French adults who participated in the study, the results showed that a 10% increase in the proportion of ultra-processed food, there was a 12% risk of cancer.
But they can’t conclude that ultra-processed food will actually give you cancer.

Study author Mathilde Touvie said: ‘“We need other studies to confirm the results, and to increase the understanding of the mechanisms. We need to further elucidate before saying to people, ‘You’re going to die with cancer.’”

But that doesn’t mean processed foods are the best thing on the planet health-wise.

There has been previous research where it showed a strong correlation between foods high in sugar, fat, and salt to obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

But what are ultra-processed food?

You are not alone—nutrition researcher from the Quandram Institute Bioscience in English, Ian Johnson mentioned that the definition of ultra-processed foods used in the study is so broad and poorly defined that it is impossible to decide exactly what casual connections have been observed.

Tom Sanders of the King’s College London said: The definition excludes many home-made or artisanal foods such as bread, cakes, biscuits, butter, meat, cheese, tinned fruit and vegetables as well as sugar and salt used in domestic food preparation.”

So, this can be pretty confusing but, if it is homemade, it isn’t considered ultra-processed and he also mentioned that the food produced industrially has a different nutritional and chemical composition.

It basically means that homemade cookies will have a different nutritional value than the ones from the store.


Even without this study, it is best to eat things in moderation and a little bit of exercise wouldn’t hurt.


In other words, eat healthy.