Stuff’d Giving Free Food to Kids Under 14 At 4 Outlets

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Previously, Stuff’d announced their scheme to give free food to needy kids in their Yishun outlet.

But if you find that Yishun is too far, or you catch yourself wondering why it’s always Yishun…

Now it’s expanding to 4 outlets!

If somehow you don’t know what Stuff’d is, they serve Turkish-Mexican inspired burritos, kebabs, tacos, and bowls.

Free Food For Needy Kids Under 14 at North, South, East, and West Regions

Stuff’d is conveniently located at the 4 different regions so it’s easily accessible for the needy kids around the country. Here are the 4 outlets:

  • North: Northpoint
  • East: White Sands
  • West: Jurong Point
  • Central: Bugis Junction

According to the post on Facebook, they’re not sure if they are going to roll it out to all outlets yet, but will learn as they go.

That’s right, they answered before anybody even asked.


And if you’re questioning the motives, the reason given is that the founder Adrian was poor and often went hungry when he was young. He even resorted to drinking tap water sometimes just to suppress his hunger.

They believe no young child should go through what he did.

If that’s not a good cause with good intentions I don’t know what is.

Image: Reddit /MemeTemplatesOfficial

Applying Is Easy

All you need to do is just slide into their DMs on their Instagram @stuffedsg, or email them at [email protected]

Answer a few gentle questions and they will send you a card that you can use to claim free food daily.

That’s right, daily.

Needless to say, only use this if you know you need it.

For the rest of us, the best way to support this initiative is to support the Stuff’d business by buying their food.

How healthy is it to eat Stuff’d every day?

Throw away any assumptions you may have about Stuff’d being unhealthy to be eaten every single day.

At Stuff’d, you can get healthy enough meals with a good balance of proteins and veggies.

Image: Stuff’d SG
Image: Stuff’d SG

Wondering if the food will be boring? Well, there’s plenty of sauces and types of food to choose from! See what you can make here.

Image: Stuff’d SG
Image: Stuff’d SG

If you want to calculate your nutrition, you can always use the nutritional calculator they provide here.

And so… it’s all good Stuff’d being done here.

Image: Giphy

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