Su Haijin, Who Jumped from His GCB in the $1 Billion Saga, Was a Director of No Signboard Holdings


The news had alarmed an entire nation when it first came out:

Up to one billion dollars worth of cash and assets were seized amidst money laundering speculations, and ten foreign internationals had been apprehended.

It was the kind of case that got Singaporeans wondering, “So that’s where my hard-earned money went, give it back!”

According to reports, the ten individuals were rounded up on Tuesday (15 August 2023) in an island-wide raid, but they weren’t necessarily “compliant”. One of the foreign individuals, for instance, had leapt from a bungalow just to evade arrest.

This particular individual would later turn out to be 40-year-old Su Haijin, a Cypriot national…

And a supposed former director of famed restaurant operator No Signboard Holdings.

Su Haijin, Who Jumped from His GCB in the $1 Billion Saga, Was a Director of No Signboard Holdings

Su was reportedly a director of the restaurant operator from October 2021 to June 2022, with a 20 per cent stake in the company.


He was, however, operating as a non-executive director, a position that does not really partake in company affairs. Or, in Singlish terms, never chup that much.

One of six directors at the time, he would later resign of his own accord in order to pursue other commitments.


It was also stated that prior to his position at No Signboard Holdings, he had no previous experience as a director of a listed company.

Had he continued with his post, he would have had to attend apparent training.


Well, as a bystander, I can confidently say that he does need training.

In parkour, anyway, because professionals wouldn’t have made the following mistake.


It can’t be denied, though, that Su’s escape attempt was one straight out of a Bourne movie.

When officers turned up outside Su’s bedroom on Tuesday, the 40-year-old reportedly jumped out of his second-floor balcony, sustaining fractures to his hands and legs in the process.

He would later be found taking cover in a drain, a manoeuvre that would’ve made Pennywise proud.

A picture of Su’s arrest. Image: Zaobao

Subsequently, Su claimed in court (via a video link because of his injuries) that someone wanted to kill him.

He expressed how he had been intimate with an attached woman from Dubai and had received a death threat from her boyfriend.

If he does not pay up S$100,000, harm will purportedly befall him.

As such, he claimed he had been under the impression that the officers were somehow affiliated with the boyfriend. In his panic, he went to check out the balcony and accidentally fell off.

if he had really wanted to escape from the cops, he claimed, he would have landed on a sofa on the first floor instead.


Su was then halted from speaking any further after ten minutes. While it was highly likely a legal protocol, some may think that the relevant authorities simply got tired of his bullshit.

A photo that was shared on social media.

Honestly, all I can see is a Sneaky Sushii/Song Joong Ki hybrid.

It’s not just me, right?

Growing Trees

According to Su’s neighbour, the 40-year-old, who lives with his wife, has always been shrouded in mystery.

Believed to have moved in around 2019, he and his spouse were rarely seen, and they often took the underground car park route.

Interestingly, many trees have been planted in the perimeter since he moved in.


If the accusations are indeed true, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that money does grow on trees. Or at least for Su.

For the record, Su was also arguably the most “high-profile” individual amongst the ten affiliated individuals, and it doesn’t just stem from his roof-hopping antics (which we’ll touch on in a bit).

Apparently, an Acra search revealed him to have the most appointments out of the ten.

Apart from his former non-executive director role at No Signboard Holdings, he also served as a shareholder and director of Aiqinhai Investment and mobile phone dealer Daily Glory International.

Money Laundering

On Tuesday (15 August 2023), ten foreign internationals, nine men and one woman, were nabbed in an island-wide raid.


Areas include GCBs along Ewart Park, Bishopsgate, Pearl Island at Sentosa Cove, Nassim Road, Third Avenue, Lewis Road and condominiums along Leonie Hill Road, Paterson Hill, and Tomlinson Road.

It was one of the largest anti-money laundering operations here.

The foreign internationals are believed to have laundered somewhere around a billion dollars, utilising the profits from overseas ventures such as scams and virtual gambling.

They are also suspected of committing forgery and resisting arrest.

All ten Internationals, ranging between 31 to 44 years old, are believed to be connected. There are three Chinese Nationals, three Cambodians, two Cypriots, one Turkish and one Vanuatu National.

They were charged on Wednesday (16 August 2023), one day after their arrest. All of them are currently in remand.

The island-wide raid had been conducted by more than 400 officers from various departments. Amidst the raid, luxury bags, cash and watches were seized.

Cars, bank accounts, jewellery boxes and liquor bottles were also handled accordingly. In Su’s case, five vehicles with an accumulated value of S$118 million were uncovered in his residence. Foreign passports believed to have been issued by China and Cambodia were also found.


It’s reported that there are currently twelve other individuals assisting with police enquirers.

Eight more are wanted by the police.

For the record, forgery for the purpose of cheating may land you in jail for ten years and a fine; using a forged document may land you in jail for four years, a fine, or both.

Individuals may be jailed for up to 10 years for money laundering, fined up to $500,000, or both.

For resisting arrest, individuals may be jailed for up to a year, fined, or both.