Super Local & Cute Bubble Tea, Kopi, Baozhang Earrings Are Being Sold in S’pore

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A year ago, this went viral for obvious reasons:


A few days ago, this went viral as well and it’s no surprise.

Image: Facebook (BMYTA . 北冥有獭)

But let’s face it: takeaway kopi and teh are only for my old boss.

Because in this online sphere that comprise more Instagram kids than old Facebook adults, you need this:

Yeah, now we’re talking.

Bubble Tea Earrings

Unlike the takeaway kopi key chains and earrings, this shop hails from Singapore.

Known as, this shop hand-makes all its miniature clay accessories, and most of them are extremely local.

So local, I think Phua Chu Kang might be behind it, but let’s leave that for another day.

In their Shopee shop, you can find curry puff earrings for just $8.80…


…ba zhang earrings from $14.80…


…and even otah earrings from $8.80.


You can see all the shop’s fabulous creations here.

But a wise man once said, “If you’ve got the best, put it on Instagram.”

And that seems true for, because Instagram’s where the gems are hidden.

Unique, Fun & Interesting Gems in Instagram

Unlike their Shopee and Carousell shop,’s Instagram has some rather unique pieces that are to kill for.

Just take a look at these keychains that would surely be a conversation starter:


And it’s not just keychain or earrings, because the guys need some love too.

Here are some cufflinks that would be a perfect gift for your boyfriend / husband this Christmas:

And of course, not to mention the Bubble Tea earrings…


…which were sold out within ten hours after the first Instagram post went up.

Well, at least we know that it would be coming back.

Just so you know, it seems like these unique pieces are sold via Instagram only, so you’d have to DM them directly to place your orders.

The shop does sell in bazaars as well, so you might want to stay tuned in their Instagram page.


After all, if you’re a true bubble tea fan, nothing speaks louder than a pair of bubble tea earrings.

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