This Superhero-themed HDB is a Dream-come-true for Many Guys

There are two types of people in the world—DC fans and Marvel Fans.

I mean you can’t like Superman and Captain America at the same time.

I mean you could; I am just being an elitist.


Personally, I am a DC kind of guy (disclaimer: they being one of our clients don’t influence my decision).

Either way, both have pretty awesome superheroes.

Imagine having your home decked out in all-things superhero!

Well, no need to imagine already.

Interior Design Company, Inspire ID Group made a HDB flat (in Punggol) into a haven for superhero fanatics.

Image: Inspire ID Group Facebook

Yes, I am talking about….

Superman (DC)


Wonder Woman (DC)


Iron Man (Marvel)

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Thor (Marvel)


I will stop yapping…

A picture speaks a thousand words.

Here are the pictures.

That Avenger wall tho.

Image: Inspire ID Group Facebook

The S.H.I.E.L.D. logo is lit!

Image: Inspire ID Group Facebook

Here is a better view!

Image: Inspire ID Group Facebook

Who wouldn’t want to share a bedroom with Wonder Woman (maybe the wife, but who cares)?

Image: Inspire ID Group Facebook

A cabinet filled with superhero action figurines.

Image: Inspire ID Group Facebook

The pathway is protected by The Avengers.

Image: Inspire ID Group Facebook

Every boy would dream to have this room.

Image: Inspire ID Group Facebook

As you can tell, the place was filled with superhero motifs, from the walls to the bedsheet, but if you have a keen eye for details, you would notice that it is a mixture of DC and MARVEL!?!

The company mentioned that the designs are Marvel-themed.

This carpet is the icing on the cake.

Image: Inspire ID Group Facebook

The carpet says Avengers but it has the logos of Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman (all from DC).

I am sure Catwoman wouldn’t be pleased.


But apart from that, it was a good execution.

Hey, the owner of the house might be a DC and Marvel fan. Who am I to judge?

So if you’re looking to jazz up your house, you know who to call.

Now, I want a Stranger Things themed room?


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Featured image: Inspire ID Group Facebook