Supermarket in Punggol Has Ghost Pepper Mamee


As an Asian, you’ve gotta love all things spicy.

Spice and savour are the bread and butter of almost every traditional Asian food – especially Southeast Asian.

The spicier they are, the better. We don’t care if it burns our mouth or sends us to the toilet in the next 30 minutes. That’s why we love our Mala Hotpot, McSpicy, Sambal Chilli, and many more.

And that’s why when we have a weakling friend who says they can’t take spice, we mock, discriminate, and cast them out.

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Okay, just kidding. Discrimination is bad. 

Perhaps the one that will allow us to meet our match will be one of the hottest chilli peppers in the world – the famous/infamous ghost pepper.

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Bhut Jolokia, also known as Ghost Pepper, was certified as the world’s hottest chilli pepper by the Guinness World Records in 2007.


While its title has been passed on to other chilli peppers, it remains one of the popular choices for people online to do a hot pepper challenge.

You’d probably want to give it a try, but you’re not insane enough to consume the pepper directly.

So what about a ghost pepper flavoured snack?

Ghost Pepper Flavoured Mamee

A supermarket in Punggol has just the thing for you.

Li Li Cheng Supermarket is packing a very special Mamee pack.

Look what we have in our store

Posted by Li Li Cheng Supermarket on Wednesday, 7 August 2019

That’s right, it’s a Ghost Pepper Mamee snack.

Unfortunately, if you’re seeking to buy this, it isn’t that easy.

Mamee Mystery Packs

Image: Singapore Atrium Sale Facebook

These Ghost Pepper packs are just one of the options available in a line of special edition mystery packs.

So you may need to gamble a bit like how I spent $200 buying loot boxes in a mobile game to get what you want.

Mamee Monster with pepper Flavour spotted $2 per packLi Li Cheng273C Punggol Pl, #01-884, Singapore 823273Very near…

Posted by Singapore Atrium Sale on Wednesday, 7 August 2019

It appears that many people who managed to obtain it has refused to try it due to the rarity of the Ghost Pepper pack.

However, rumours say it’s very, very spicy.

If you don’t want to buy the mystery packs, you can get them on Carousell, but naturally, they’d be much more expensive than a typical Mamee pack.


If you don’t mind the mystery packs, you could make a trip to Li Li Cheng Supermarket at this address:

273C Punggol Pl, #01-884, Singapore 823273

Here’s one more tip for you.

If you’re looking to try out the Ghost Pepper Mamee, or any other spicy food soon, do not drink water to attempt to curb the spice.

The substance in the spice that burns your mouth is called capsaicin, and water, as a polar substance, only makes it worse by spreading it around.

Instead, drink milk or other dairy beverages.

It apparently helps to break capsaicin bonds and has been a popular remedy since about 8,000 years ago.


No wonder Thai food always comes with Thai milk tea, eh?

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