Surbana Jurong Addresses Accusations of ‘Profiteering & Corruption’ Over COVID-19 Community Care Facilities

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What are complicated times without a little douse of unsolicited rumours?

Urban and infrastructure consultancy, Surbana Jurong, has denied what the organisation referred to as “unfounded accusations of profiteering and corruption”.

The rumours were brought up with regards to Surbana Jurong’s involvement in the setting-up and the operations of community cate facilities (CCF) for those infected with the virus.

Allegations Are Untrue and Disrespectful to Surbana Jurong’s Staff

Lest you’re not aware, Surbana Jurong is a government-owned consultancy company focusing on infrastructure and urban development with about 13,000 employees, and is a merger of Surbana International Consultants and Jurong International Holdings, which explains its name.

The company has taken on the hot seat after several posts talking about alleged corruption made its rounds around social media and messaging platforms like WhatsApp.

According to The Straits Times, the posts questioned several aspects of the company, as they’re the one that develops the facilities.

On one instance, people were concerned over how Manpower Minister, Josphine Teo’s husband, Teo Eng Cheong, was both the International Chief Executive in charge of Singapore, Southeast Asia and North Asia at Surbana Jurong.

Another questioned how it came Surbana Jurong’s involvement in the CCF projects came about. Most especially as PAP Members of the Parliament, Desmond Choo and Dr Yacoob Ibrahim, were Surbana Jurong board members.

Any of you all understood anything from that? Likewise. Personally, I just want to know whose WhatsApp family group this started in!

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According to the company’s statement, the allegations were not only false but were also disrespectful, especially to their staff who have put their well-being at risk for the benefit of the community.

In response, Surbana Jurong said: “We absolutely refute the allegations and will not hesitate to take legal action against any perpetrator who continues to make scurrilous attacks against our company.”

To our dearest aunties and uncles, as bored as you all have been and as much as you don’t believe in climate change, fake news is not a myth.

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That virus can’t be cured with boiled onion water and you can be sued for spreading malicious and false information. The tea has been served – pass it on.

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Surbana Jurong to Continue to Provide Expertise on Projects Related to Covid-19 Management

In the statement, the company shared that they will continually support projects on a “cost-recovery basis”.

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Surbana Jurong has also explained how their involvement in the set-up and operation of CCFs came about. The statement explained how they have been providing technical services to various government agencies.

Its shareholder, Temasek, had taken up the service of some of its portfolio companies as a means to provide specialist support. This was mostly because there was an “urgent need for CCFs to house patients with early symptoms of COvid-19 and those recovering from it”.

The statement follows: “In March 2020, we were asked to identify and study possible locations. We explored various sites and found Singapore Expo, with its existing mechanical and electrical infrastructure and extensive indoor space, to be large enough and fit for purpose.

“As Singapore Expo is also a Temasek portfolio company and was already engaged to support this initiative, Surbana Jurong was immediately able to embark on converting Singapore Expo into the first CCF.”

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Was Not an Easy for the Surbana Jurong Team

The company added that it had indeed been a challenge for its team of 50 healthcare planners, architects, engineers, project managers, and other staff involved. All of which whom were given the task of setting up 10 halls with 8,000 beds in just four weeks.

Imagine doing all that and being hit on the face with a bag full of nasty comments.


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Now we all can play our parts and observe graciousness while using the internet. The coronavirus curve is one and the fake news curve is another that we shall work together to flatten.

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