Bride Flies To Another City To Propose To Her Boyfriend In Wedding Gown

Last Updated on 2020-03-10 , 7:35 pm

After all the recent news about molestations and deaths, is your outlook on the world a little grim?

I’d understand.

But fret not, because I have some wholesome news for you.

What news, you ask?

You: Actually, I already know what news. I see in the article headline liao.

Me: Oh. Okay lo…

But hey, who doesn’t love a little romantic tale to remind us that true love isn’t just something fake from fairy tales and movies?

Oh, also in case you’re one of those who still believe that the man must always be the one to make the first move…

Wake up. It’s 2019. Gender equality, yo.

Firefighter & Nurse: A Love Story

Apparently, the couple was already registered in September this year to be married this month.

However, the guy is a firefighter and the girl is a nurse. Perhaps a very typical masculine and feminine job pairing.

In case you didn’t know, both of these jobs tend to have extremely busy schedules and usually work in shifts.

Thus, it had seemed that the wedding wasn’t going to happen as planned.

But the nurse wasn’t going to let anything get in the way of their happiness. Not their busy lives. Not traditional gender norms. Not the distance between their cities.


Surprise In Wedding Gown

With some help from his colleagues, she flew from Hefei to Yancheng and surprised her boyfriend, Jiang Wei, in a wedding gown.

Image: YouTube (今日小新闻)

With a microphone, she announced:

“I’m not giving up despite the 400 km between us. I’m a nurse, you’re a firefighter, and we’re both busy. You didn’t have the time to come to Hefei to marry me, so I’ll come to Yancheng to marry you. Let’s get married today.”

Kind of reminds me of some Song-Song couple, but anyways.

Naturally, Jiang Wei was touched beyond words.

Image: YouTube (今日小新闻)

For all those who’d get triggered and die of a heart attack if they didn’t see the man kneel and propose, it still happened.

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Jiang Wei knelt down on knee and asked, “Will you marry me?”

Imagine if she said, “Nah.” Biggest troll ever.

But of course, she agreed immediately.

Image: YouTube (今日小新闻)

Ah, true love. Don’t you just want to squeal?

Here’s the full video if you want to catch the latest Nicholas Sparks short film.

I’m guessing the bar for romantic gestures has been raised. Time to buck up, ladies and gentlemen. Especially the ladies.

For me, I once sent flowers to my girlfriend at work. That’s on the same level, right?