Survey: 7 in 10 S’pore Workers Want Everyone to Wear a Mask in the Office

As Circuit Breaker-extended AKA Phase One is ongoing, people are wondering if we can go back to normal.

And that means going back to the office.

On the one hand, I can finally show off the cool mask I bought that will make even FashionableOL87 jealous.

On the other, I’ll have to wear pants to work again.

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Don’t judge. As they say, they will never know that you’re not wearing pants in Zoom meetings, or that it’s just a printed picture of you.

But what are people truly feeling about going back to office? Qualtrics, an experience management company, conducted a “Return to Work & Back to Business Study” to find out.

511 Singaporeans across all age groups were surveyed.

More Than Half Not Comfortable Going Back To Work

Image: Qualtrics

Coming as not a surprise considering the definition of a pandemic, 59% of people feel uncomfortable returning to the workplace. 45% say it would require a treatment for COVID-19 to feel comfortable, and 45% say a vaccine.

(If you’re wondering what’s the difference between a vaccine and treatment: Vaccines prevent you from falling ill. Treatments are how to make you not sick when you’re already sick.)

Furthermore, 62% want to wait for local government approval before returning to work.

But despite so, 66% expect to return by July.

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About 7 in 10 Wants Everybody To Wear Mask

Image: Qualtrics
  • 73% want to wear a mask to the office.
  • 69% want all employees to be required to wear masks.
  • 68% want hand sanitiser and cleaning supplies available all times.
  • 56% want social distancing enforced.
  • 53% want temperature checks required.
  • 52% want employees who travel to be required to self-quarantine at home for 14 days.
  • 50% want people who might be considered at risk to work from home.
  • 48% want a no handshake or hugs policy at work.
  • 48% want the limit the number of people allowed in a meeting.

Maybe it’s just me, but some of these numbers look suspiciously low, like the temperature checks and for the at-risk to work from home.

Employees More Comfortable If Employers Took Some Measures

When they return to work, workers also say the following:

  • 95% of people said it was important to them that employees be required to wear masks
  • 93% of people said it was important to them that they are allowed to work remotely at any point if they feel unsafe
  • 93% of people said it was important to them to limit the number of people in an in-person work meeting
  • 92% of people said it was important to them that social distancing was implemented in the workplace
  • 90% of people said it was important to them that everyone has their temperature checked each day before entering the building

95% say important to wear mask, but previous questions it’s 7 in 10 want everybody to wear mask. What a strange survey, I know.

If you’re in an affected industry, prepare to cry since there won’t be good news for you following.

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45% Think We Will Never “Get Back To Normal”

You’re not alone if you think that life after COVID-19 will be very different.

  • 58% say they still feel uncomfortable going to the gym
  • 64% say they would feel uncomfortable playing a team sport
  • 58% wouldn’t be comfortable attending a religious service.
  • 73% uncomfortable attending live sporting event
  • 72% uncomfortable attending live concert
  • 25% who regularly attend sporting events said unlikely to attend in the foreseeable future
  • 39% wouldn’t be comfortable going to a live sporting until at least Jan 2021
  • 43% wouldn’t be comfortable going to a live concert until at least Jan 2021

Restaurants and shopping:

  • 53% feel uncomfortable going to a restaurant
  • 34% feel uncomfortable shopping retail in-person

Even after health officials say it’s safe and treatment or vaccine is readily available, in order to feel safe:

  • 13% want tables separated at a safe distance
  • 12% want social distancing established
  • 12% want servers and staff to wear gloves and masks
  • 11% want their temperatures checked before going into the restaurant


  • 40% feel uncomfortable using public transport
  • 69% feel uncomfortable flying on an aeroplane

It looks bad, I know. I can’t share your experience, but I can cry together with you.

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Oops. Too much close contact for the pandemic season? Well, the survey says only 48% want a no handshake or hugs policy at work, so I guess I won’t be attracting the pitchforks.

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