Survey has shown that once you start work, you will become fatter


Last Updated on 2018-02-16 , 6:42 pm

Back in the days when we were still in school, physical activities were part and parcel of our everyday lives. It seemed like our energy was boundless.

Whether or not it was really our never-ending bursts of energy or it was just because we had so much more time then, we were undoubtedly working out more as compared to now.

This leads us to the topic of the day: most of us gain weight when we start working.

Online survey
And it’s true. An online survey conducted by JobsCentral revealed that more than 60 percent of Singapore workers put on weight since starting work while 26 percent cited no significant changes in theirs.

While we know that lesser physical activity contributes to the weight gain, it cannot be the only reason, right? Exactly.

We all know, and probably are part of the group of Singaporeans who love their food and the occasional after work tipple to chill out and relieve the stresses of the day.

On top of lesser or no exercise or any form of physical activity, the pounds start to pile on.

We are all justifiably tired out from a day’s work and just want to relax with a good meal in front of the television and so, that’s exactly what we do day in, day out, year in, year out.

It seems the weight quietly gets put on without your knowing, and by the time you noticed, you have put on so much blubber you don’t know what to do with it.

Work Environment matters too
Michelle Lim, Regional Marketing Director of JobsCentral Group cited very stressful office environments as another factor.

This, plus the fact that most of our jobs are highly sedentary is also a big cause of weight gain. And while we are at it, we chomp on unhealthy snacks and have bad postures.

An understandable 76 percent of those who gained weight attributed it to being unable to find the time or energy to exercise.

Not forgetting that as we grow older, our metabolism starts to dwindle. Whether you like it or not, the survey has also revealed that weight-gainers put on an average of 3kg for each year of work! 3kg!

And this will go on until the 8th year when, thereafter, the person’s average weight gain will dip and finally stabilise.

So it’ll be an increase of 24kg, a drop of 2kg then stabilisation. Say what?!


The biggest loser
So which industry garners the highest number of weight-gainers? This may come as a surprise since these people are usually thought to be always on the move but yes, they are the ones in events management at 76 percent.

This is followed closely by those in the analyst and finance sectors at 73 per cent and 68 per cent respectively.

Gender matters
This next point, however, is really surprising. Apparently, although women are more likely to gain weight, men put on more pounds when they do, at an average of 14kg for men and 9kg for women. Surprise surprise! And if you can make an intelligent guess, you will know why those who have a monthly income of at least $10,0000 purportedly form the largest proportion of weight-gainers at 70 per cent. No prizes for guessing.

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