A Survey Shows That These Are the 10 Companies That S’poreans Want to Work For

Last Updated on 2020-02-20 , 11:03 pm

Some days, you drag your feet out of bed to go to work, simply because you have SO MANY THINGS to pay for.

Your boss is annoying, but you need the paycheck, so you accept all the extra work that’s thrown on your desk and into your emails too.

If only you knew where are the best companies to work in Singapore. Well, worry no more, as we’ve found this fantastic survey that shares just that!

1. Facebook

Image: zdnet.com

Imagine a company that comes with a floor just for board games. Even an FB-customized mah-jong set’s available there. The treadmill’s got a view of the skyline. To top it all off, a micro kitchen that’s packed with granola, fruit, juices and sandwiches – ideal healthy office snacks!

2. Singapore Airlines

Image: singaporeair.com

Workers here enjoy the benefits of stock options and bonuses at the end of the year – based on their performances, of course. Other perks include a free ticket yearly to any destination on SIA’s network of flights and fantastic leave days.

3. Google

Image: exploresingapore.sg

Workers love it here, as it has a great work-life balance philosophy going on. It promotes a multicultural environment and comes with a free gym, team buildings and great medical benefits.

4. ExxonMobil

Image: businesstimes.com.sg

A great place to work and learn new things. Work is flexible and interactive. Pay is great. A perfect place for someone who’s looking for long-term stability.

5. Apple

Image: humanresourcesonline.net

Facilities here are top-notch. There’s an in-house cafeteria if you’re hungry. You could even work at home as an At-Home Advisor, and extend world-class customer service to its clientele.

6. Microsoft

Image: techgoondu.com

Fancy being under the wings of Bill Gates’s company? Employees have commented that there are truly smart individuals behind its teams, and it is one of the best places as far as work-life balance goes. Projects here are truly amazing and gives you a chance to broaden your horizon. Salary’s pretty darned good also!

7. Changi Airport Group

Image: dailytravelnews.asia

The company puts its best foot forward to ensure its employees are always engaged and motivated. I mean, that’s the winner right there la. Salary and benefits are quite competitive too.

8. Procter and Gamble, and DBS Bank

Image: edb.gov.sg

The bank takes a holistic approach for its staff, to help them be the best they can be at every stage of their lives. Procter and Gamble, on the other hand, believes in work flexibility apart from allowing its staff to enjoy the company’s products at a lower rate.

9. IBM

Image: streetdirectory.com

Another fantastic place to learn and develop your technical knowledge, especially when it ties into data centre environment. You get to become an innovator while you work with some of the brightest minds in the industry. Build a career you want – the sky is the limit!

10. Shell

Image: shell.com.sg

You’d be given ample training and development, a comprehensive financial package with the benefits. Diversity and inclusion are part of their employee vision. Shell also wants to listen to what you have to say.

Work-life balance, anyone?