Swensen’s Happy Hour Promo: 1-For-1 Mains & Desserts During Weekdays

Singaporeans live by this philosophy: Good food is tasty, cheaper food is tastier, and free food tastes the best. 

Especially cookhouse food, when you think about your monthly allowance of 500 bucks.

So today, we’re going to treat your minds to the best kind of food there is.

Restaurant-grade dining at food court prices.

Legend has it that once in a while…the food of gods will be graced to us mortals.

And in the 21st century of high-speed smartphones and Goody Feed app, it’s been happening more than…

Not once.

Not twice.

Image: koogle.tv (Image is for illustration purpose only)

Not even seventeen times.

Oh no, it’s waaaaaaaaaaaaay more than that.

And the reason why…is because of the best word ever invented in the English dictionary…


Image: eatigo.com

If you haven’t recognised this iconic lampshade yet, then you don’t deserve to live. Because only one restaurant (that I know of) that carries this kind of interior design.


Not only are they known for giving customers good food, they are also known to be pretty generous too.

So generous, in fact, that they’re giving this awesome deal to you right now.

So generous, in fact, that they’re giving this awesome deal to you right now, with a catch. 

For two hours every weekday, Swensen’s is giving you 1-for-1 for all mains and sundaes when you eat in, but there’s a catch.

Image: swensens.com.sg

It’s only from 2.30 to 4.30 pm. The good thing is there’s no end date for the deal, so you got enough time to plan.

Just take note that the deal is valid for dine-in only. 

No drinks included, and not valid on weekends or special occasions (for example Mother’s Day) or the eve of/ on a public holiday.

But other than that? Anything goes!

Just take note that the cheaper priced item will be complimentary. So choose wisely, yeah? Don’t pick a $16.90 main and a $10.90 main. Not worth it.

You can choose from mains like:

Swensen’s Chicken Baked Rice

Image: swensens.com.sg

There’s a reason why this is top of the list. Because it’s good. Really good. Crispy cheese, tender chicken and soft rice? That’s a combination that’s super hard to beat.


Mac and Cheese

Image: swensens.com.sg

This might be one of the cheapest items in their pasta menu but goddamn if it doesn’t taste damn good.

You’d never have eaten real mac’ n cheese until you’ve tried this. Trust me.

The Mega Burger

Image: swensens.com.sg

When it comes to a burger, you want it thick. Something that requires you to stretch your mouth to the fullest in order to cram all that goodness inside.


Now, imagine getting that at almost half price. *drools*

And sundaes like:

Durian Supreme

Image: swensens.com.sg

Step aside, D24 McFlurry.

Salted Gula Melaka Heaven

Image: swensens.com.sg

Imagine salted gula melaka ice cream topped off with chocolate balls, diced almonds and chocolate morsels. Yum.


And more!

So what are you waiting for?

Take leave if you need to because this deal is oh-so-worth-it.

Don’t say we teach one hor. And for goodness sake, don’t tell your boss you’re taking leave to go eat cheap food.

That’s a one-way street to getting a D for your performance appraisal this year. #JustSaying

Besides that, do you know that SAF peeps can get 1-for-1 outrageous sundaes at Swensen’s?

Come back tomorrow to the Goody Feed app for a new deal!

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