Dad Died While in Switzerland; Children Had Saved Money for 2.5 Years to Bring Parents There


Last Updated on 2023-03-20 , 10:06 am

While visiting Europe for the first time with his wife and children, a Singaporean man unfortunately passed away after collapsing on the street in Zurich, Switzerland.

Mr Hu Rui’an (Hanyu pinyin), 60, was on a two-week holiday in France and Switzerland with his wife, daughter and younger son.

They had flown to Europe on 16 February and intended to return to Singapore on 1 March.

However, he had an unexpected cardiac arrest while in Switzerland.

Ultimately, his family decided to withdraw life support six days after his cardiac arrest, causing him to pass away on 4 March.

Here’s what happened.

Man Suddenly Collapsed on the Street; Members of the Public Came Forth to Help

When speaking to Shin Min Daily News at his father’s wake, Mr Hu’s younger son, Mr Hu Jiajie (Hanyu pinyin), recalled how his entire family was walking along a street in Zurich on 26 February.

According to the younger Mr Hu, 24, the family had been walking in the evening when his father suddenly collapsed.

He added that his father still had a pulse and was still breathing even though he was unable to open his eyes. His father also held onto his hand tightly.

At that point in time, it began snowing, and the bells from a nearby church started to ring.


As a result, many people walked out into the streets.

After witnessing the family’s plight, many people came forth to try and help the family.

His Heart Stopped At Least Four Times

After the paramedics reached the scene, they could no longer detect a pulse on the older Mr Hu.

Hence, they carried out cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) for 45 minutes.

Mr Hu Jiajie then recounted how his father’s heart stopped at least four times.

While en route to the hospital, the paramedics continued to administer CPR for around 45 more minutes.

Upon reaching the hospital, the older Mr Hu was immediately sent to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). He was also intubated.

As for Mr Hu’s family, they were by his side at all times and talked to him to try and encourage him.

Oldest Son Flew Over, but Father Was Already Brain Dead by Then

Mr Hu’s older son, Mr Hu Jiawei (Hanyu pinyin), was originally overseas on a business trip when the rest of the family went on vacation.

Upon hearing the news, he immediately rushed to Switzerland.


However, Mr Hu Jiawei, 35, ended up reaching Switzerland too late, for his father was “essentially in a brain-dead state”.

The next step for the family at that point in time was to extubate the older Mr Hu.

Siblings Saved Up for 2.5 Years for the Trip

When talking about the family’s trip, Mr Hu’s daughter, Ms Hu Yiqi (Hanyu pinyin), explained that both her parents worked.

Even though her mother only worked on a part-time basis, her parents would still bring the family on holiday to neighbouring countries.

Hence, she wanted to bring her parents on holiday after becoming financially independent and receiving her bonus.

Ms Hu, 31, revealed that she and her younger brother spent 2.5 years saving up and planning for the trip.


After receiving their salary every month, they would book the family’s hotels, plan the itinerary and decide which tourist attractions to visit with their parents.

They even booked Business Class tickets for their parents and arranged for a private chartered car in Paris, allowing their parents to travel more comfortably.

The siblings also booked hot air balloon and helicopter trips for their parents to try out new experiences.

In total, they spent around $57,000 on the trip.

Father Cried During Trip Out of Happiness

Mr Hu Jiajie also mentioned that his father suddenly cried during his trip.


He added that he was extremely shocked as it was the first time he ever saw his father cry.

After asking his father, he found out that the older Mr Hu had cried tears of joy as he thought he would never get to travel to Europe.

The younger Mr Hu then said that his father was “really enjoying himself” during their holiday. He also took comfort in knowing that at least his father left this world when he was at his happiest.

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As for Mr Hu’s widow, Mdm Lin (Hanyu pinyin), she shared that her husband enjoyed travelling.

He even wrote in a diary on his phone and expressed his gratitude towards his children for their company throughout their holiday.

He also wrote that he was extremely blessed to have his family with him during the trip.