Taichi Master & MMA Fighter Fought To See Who Has The Best Style, K.O.-ed In 10 Secs

Recently, a video showing a match between a Taichi master and an MMA fighter went viral in China. The MMA (or Mixed Martial Arts) fighter was Xu Xiaodong, an MMA fighter, coach and promoter based in Beijing, and the Taichi master was Lei Lei, founder of a branch of Taichi known as “Thunder Style”, based in Chengdu.

The MMA fighter had the nickname of “Madman”, for his aggressive style. You’ll know why once you take a look at the “fight”.

Unlike what you’d expect from watching Ip Man, the “traditional Chinese martial art” lost to the “modern” MMA. The Madman rained punches on the Taichi master, and relentlessly beat down on him when he fell backwards.

The whole fight lasted just about 10 odd seconds.

Now, the first thing you might think of, could it be that the Taichi master was a fraud, or maybe traditional Taichi (and by extension Chinese martial arts) are useless in combat situations?

The thing is, that may very well be so, but it could also be that the Taichi master lost his balance, or it could also be that the MMA fighter was more skilled, or it could also be that a singular school of martial arts could not beat the mixed form of martial arts that MMA literally is.

Whatever explanation it is, that was how the fight turned out, and netizens everywhere have been hotly debating on this for the past few days.

What do you think?

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