Taiwan Politician Anyhowly Spoke About M’sia’s COVID-19, Even Said People Buried the Death on the Roadside

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People talk cock all the time. I’d even go so far to say that talking cock is the universal favourite past time.

Image: Flickr

When politicians do it they might even appear friendly since it shows that they are no different from us common folks.

Except, you know, when said talking cock happens on television and it seemed like the politician believed the very cock he is talking about.

To understand the levels of cock this Taiwanese Politician said, let’s just say that POMFA will catch him if this was in Singapore.

Come lim kopi with the gahmen. / Image: Memecrunch

On Taiwanese news and talk show “Crucial Moment 关键时刻”, politician Lee Cheng-hao (李正皓 for those who want to google him, since he doesn’t have a Wikipedia page) commented on Malaysia’s COVID-19 situation in an episode broadcasted on 24 March 2020.

The video has already been set to private, so you’ll have to do with this clip we koped from WorldofBuzz.

Said Malaysian Police Forced Criminals to Wear Face Mask

In the episode, Lee Cheng-hao said that Malaysian police began arresting criminals on a large scale since the implementation of the Movement Control Order AKA the Malaysian ‘lockdown’. Which is, by the way, not completely false.

But he then said that Malaysian police are forcing criminals to wear masks in fear of being infected by COVID-19.

The clip they used seems to be from a drill and not an actual arrest:

Image: Sinchew

Said Malaysia’s Healthcare System Collapsed, Had to Resort to Garbage Bags for Protection

Lee then claimed that Malaysia’s shortage of medical supplies and protective gear (Personal Protective Equipment aka PPE) had resulted in medical professionals resorting to garbage bags for protection.

He further claimed that doctors have no choice as the healthcare system collapsed, and questioned if this is even remotely effective.

Image: Sinchew

This is partly true; we covered this particular viral video before and some hospitals indeed do have shortages. But larger hospitals like Sungai Buloh Hospital will have sufficient supply.


So thus far, what the politician said is not entirely untrue, just exaggerated. Until the next point.

Said Malaysia Had Too Many Corpses and Had to Bury Them at the Roadside

Which is obviously completely false.

Image: Sinchew

Here he claimed that Malaysia’s situation was so bad they had to bury the bodies at the roadside in the middle of the night. Because there were too many corpses and they couldn’t cremate them in time. Or perhaps they wanted to follow the traditional Islamic burial.

And while claiming all that, in the middle of the sentence he said, “But I don’t know, but what I saw was that Malaysia couldn’t even do a proper burial.”

Yes, he actually said “I don’t know, but what I saw was” in the middle of the claim.


Image: Giphy

17,000 Messages In 3 Hours

And the result Lee got is possibly worse than a kopi session with the local gahmen for spreading fake news.

He got swarmed by the Malaysian horde and got more than 17,000 messages in 3 hours, of which more than half were angry messages.

The angry ones were, of course, asking him to apologise.

Image: Sinchew


The non-angry ones were telling him stuff like “this isn’t a good time, because Malaysians are quite free now.”

… Or that it’s time for the Chinese to take a break and change shifts for the Malays to takeover spamming comments.

Image: Sinchew

Now that’s one united Malaysia.

As of writing, a Facebook post Lee uploaded to explain his original statements had a whopping 117k comments.


Some gems in the comments also include a random “This is chicken drumstick rice”, showing a picture of rice and a drumstick made of rice.

Image: Facebook (Lee Cheng-hao)

Lee Cheng-hao Apologised

On 29 March, he posted an apology.

Image: Facebook (Lee Cheng-hao)

Here’s the translation:


“From yesterday, I have carefully looked at the majority of messages from Malaysia, gave it a lot of thought, and also examined clips of my speeches several times. I would like to apologise to my friends in Malaysia.

I had quoted many foreign sources to explain the situation of Malaysia, but I had not been precise in verifying my information and made mistakes including mistaking a Muslim cemetery for the roadside and confusing police drills for actual arrests. Undoubtedly, this caused damage to the image of Malaysia and unease to the Malaysian people, and for this  I offer my deepest apologies.

In the future, I will be more careful in dealing with similar news. I also thank my friends in Malaysia for giving me a valuable lesson. Again, I am sorry.

Lee Cheng-hao 2020/3/29”

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