Taiwan ‘Ru Hua’ Revealed Why She Quit Showbiz & Why She Was Spotted Selling Betel Nut

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If you were born before the 2000s, the name of a Taiwanese comedian may seem familiar to you.

Lin Yahui, who is now 41, was a very prominent figure in the Taiwanese entertainment showbiz industry during the 2000s.


Lin, who goes by the stage name “Ru Hua” (如花), became famous by playing “ugly” characters on many Taiwanese variety shows. She was also often seen in roles that required her to look unglamourous on tape, which at that time was something not many wanted to do.

By the way, I’m referring to the Taiwanese Ru Hua (since there’s a Hong Kong version as well):

Image: Taipeitimes.com

Her unique character and willingness to put herself in the spotlight led to the rise of her career.

Retired in 2007

However, in 2007, during the midst of her successful career, Lin suddenly retired from showbiz with not much of an explanation.

A media outlet that allegedly tracked her down mentioned that she worked as a Betel nut seller at a roadside store.

Lest you’re unaware, Betel nut sellers are often portrayed as sexy young ladies promoting the nuts to men:

Image: boingboing.net

Lin would later go on to clarify that she was only helping out at the Betel nut stall as a favour for a friend and that she did not actually work there, and explained what really happened.


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Earnings Increased by Huge Margin

During the early 2000s when Lin first debuted in the Taiwanese variety show Zong Yi Zui Ai Xian, she would only earn about NT$800 (around S$22 to S$35) per episode.

After she became famous due to her unique character and persona, she drew around NT$40,000 (S$1,760) for a day of work.

However, Lin did not get the full pay that she was supposed to get. She revealed that her agent was not being honest with her, and that her agent only gave her half the amount that she earned while keeping the other half for himself.

To make matters worse, he even went ahead to take a cut out of the remaining salary that Lin earned.

Unfortunately, this salary dispute and a series of changes in programs eventually led to the downfall of her showbiz career.

Lin further added that to make ends meet, she had to work at a bakery.

However after being found out by the local media, her agent threatened her and asked her to resign immediately if not she would have to pay a penalty of NT$3 million (S$13,000).

This specific incident eventually led to her retiring from showbiz entirely.

She is currently working as a host at temple-related events and festivals.

So yes: it’s all about money.

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Featured Image: boingboing.net &Taipeitimes.com