Taiwanese Actor’s 1 Min 49 Sec Masturbation Video Hit the Internet; Allegedly Leaked By Unhappy Girlfriend

If you can only take in one relationship advice, it’s this:

No sending nudes or private videos to your partner.

And I’m not just talking to ladies; Guys are included too.

One pretty famous dude decide to do it a couple of years ago and things didn’t turn out well for him.

Taiwanese Actor River Huang

Image: Viki

If you find him familiar, that’s because you watched Aloysius Pang’s last drama, Beijing to Moscow.

Image: Toggle

He’s the guy that lost his memory in the show.

But now, he’s not just an actor that worked with Aloysius Pang before his unfortunate passing.

He’s also known for his masturbation video.

Masturbation Video Reportedly Leaked By Unhappy Ex-Girlfriend

The video was recorded by Huang himself seven to eight years ago, reportedly at a temple.

At that time, he was a student and sent a video of himself masturbating to his then-girlfriend to “show his love”.

He had dated the girl for about four years from high school to college.

Huang said they broke up on amicable terms and it wasn’t clear how the video was leaked out.

Cue Speculations

Of course, with such an epic video online, you can be sure that speculations will start flying.

Taiwan’s Mirror Media said that the video could’ve been released by an unhappy ex-girlfriend.

There was a rumour that Huang dated 80 girls within two years, and some of them were unhappy because he cheated on them.

Huang’s manager told the media that the 80-girl rumour isn’t true.

Currently, Huang is in a relationship with actress Jenny Wen and they’ve been together for five years.

Moral of the Story

Again, I emphasise.

No private videos or nudes to be sent to your partner because chances of these getting out are pretty high.

Even if the person you were dating isn’t a douche, they could’ve lost their phones or gotten hacked and your videos would still have been leaked.

So if they want something for “remembrance”, tell them to treat you well and you’ll give them the real thing every. Single. Day.

Remember, sexting is sexy until it’s no longer between the two of you. Then it just becomes messy.


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