Taiwanese Singer Wants To Divorce Pregnant Wife To Date ‘Obedient’ Livestreamer

Are you sick of your wife constantly nagging at you, so much so that you feel like your ears are going to burst?

You may even wish that she has an ‘off’ button so that she’ll zip her mouth and just listen to you no matter what you do.

However, you still have to suck it up and listen because most of the time, what she’s saying and doing will end up being for your own good, and because you still love her and decided to marry her in the first place.

Happy wife happy life…right?

Well, that should be something you consider before deciding to call it quits, unlike this Taiwanese singer here.

Rocky Relationship

R.chord Hsieh, a Taiwanese singer, has long been known for his controversial antics. Simply put, the guy has zero f***s to give.

In 2012, he openly admitted to being a marijuana user to the police, and wasn’t ashamed of his drug usage of all, for he’s been continuously advocating for the legalisation of marijuana.

He also showed off some of his daring actions, such as destroying his expensive clothes to hit back at those who said Taiwanese people were poor, and holding up a pair of scissors beside the Taiwan and China flags in the midst of the sensitive political issue.


However, things seemed like they were going to take a turn for the better when he married his wife, Keanna Taiyh, in 2016. The couple were sweet and loving in public, and R.chord looked like he was trying to become a better person. Sike.

Just a few weeks back on 5 December, his wife reported him to the police for drug usage after a fight about it, to which he did not show any signs of remorse for. As he was arrested by the police at their home, he even documented the spectacle on his Instagram stories.

It seemed like the incident worsened their relationship to the point of no repair.

New Honey

Speaking to Taiwanese media outlets, R.chord announced that he would be divorcing Keanna, who also happens to be pregnant, after the new year.

He also admitted that he was dating Liya, a Taiwanese livestreamer.

Image: Instagram (@liyacheee)tai
Image: Giphy

Yikes. Cheater.

R.chord told the media that he’s already posted about them on social media anyway – referring to the video he had previously posted of him and Liya in a hotel room singing together as he strummed the guitar beside her.

She was wearing what seemed to be a bathrobe or pajamas.

This obviously opened up many speculations as to what the pair was doing in a hotel room together, with allegations that they were there for some… private business.

“(Liya) is very obedient. She listens to me and sings with me. If I’m silent, she will sit quietly beside me. She also tidies my clothes and suitcase,” he added.

Wow, is this dude looking for a partner or an obedient maid?

He’s not afraid of the trouble that having an affair would bring to him either, saying: “I’m a drug user, and I already spent one night in jail. What other trouble should I be worried about? I’m a man without a future.”



When asked about his wife and unborn child, he only had this to say: “I knew about her pregnancy last month but she pressured me and tried to use the child to tie me down. I will take responsibility. If the child is mine, I will accept it. I’m an unfeeling rock — if the child doesn’t want a druggie dad, I’m okay with it too. We’ll see after the birth.”

Image: Giphy

Seems like R.chord’s really hit rock bottom, judging how he keeps relying on marijuana to keep him going and lives recklessly because he thinks that his future is already ruined anyway.

Here’s hoping that all parties involved will be able to settle things peacefully, especially his poor wife.

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