Taiwanese With Wuhan Virus Hid Symptoms & Went to Taiwan Nightclub; Fined SGD$13.5K

In a perfect world, a person who fell sick in Wuhan would have visited the doctor and stayed home after returning to his own country. It’s more than just a civil duty; it’s basic human responsibility.

But in an imperfect world filled with evil humans, a man who fell sick in Wuhan decided to ignore his symptoms and even went to a nightclub.

Unfortunately, we live in this imperfect world, and a Taiwanese businessman based in Wuhan did just that.

Taiwanese Got Sick in Wuhan But Still Went to Taiwan Nightclub; Fined SGD$14K

This story is going to trigger even the calmest cat in the world, so hold your breath and read on.

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See, even the WTF Cat came out without me cueing for him.

Over in Taiwan, there are now three confirmed cases.

The first case is a classic hero act: on 21 January 2020, the 50-year-old woman has just returned from her teaching job from Wuhan, and reported her symptoms to quarantine officials once she landed in Taiwan.

The other is a Chinese woman who came from a 18-people tour group—the entire tour group has since been isolated in their hotel, though their tour is supposed to last until 28 January 2020.

The last person is a 50-plus Taiwanese businessman based in Wuhan, and while it’s not revealed what company he runs, we think it could be Umbrella Corporation.

Apparently, the man had fallen sick while in Wuhan. He “thought” that it was merely a cold, so he saw a doctor and took medicine before flying back to Taiwan on 21 January 2020.

Just so you know, the reason why almost all cases came before 23 January 2020 is because the lockdown of Wuhan occurred on 23 January 2020 noon.

In a classic selfish act, the man did not disclose that he had symptoms of an upper respiratory infection before he entered Taiwan.

That’s a violation of the infection control law.

With that, he got a free pass into the country, and shit hit the fan soon after.

The next day, on 22 January 2020, the evilest man in Taiwan decided visit a nightclub in Kaohsiung from 4pm to 6pm.

TVBS News reported that during his visit, there were more than 80 people who had close contact with him for more than 15 minutes. The risk is amplified as the premises is a small enclosed space.

Over at the nightclub, the staff members were tight-lipped about what happened (report of this news started from the 4 minute mark):

The evilest man in Taiwan became a confirmed case on Friday (24 January 2020), but it was too late: the health authorities immediately reacted and disinfected the night club while tracing people who were in close contact with the man.

Unfortunately, as of yesterday (25 January 2020), a female staff has exhibited symptoms of infection.

You can bet how triggered the authorities are.


They have fined him the “highest amount” of 300,000 TWD (~SGD$13.5K).

So, let this be a lesson to all: be a selfish human being and you’d be in the news.

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