Tamoya Udon Will Close Its Liang Court Store & Move To Plaza Singapura Come January 2020

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Not everyone is really a fan of typical Singaporean ones.

Some of y’all prefer them exotic and foreign. I know a lot of you like the Japanese ones in particular. Japanese ones have them soft, white, and supple. You’d love to just place your lips around them and slurp.

I’m talking, of course, about noodles. Japanese Udon, in particular.

Hope you weren’t thinking about something else.

Who doesn’t love Japanese food? From sushi to curry to udon, their delicacies are beloved by almost all Singaporeans.

If you’re a fan of udon, you may be familiar with the Tamoya Udon in Liang Court.

Image: Facebook (Tamoya Udon)

Ah, the savoury soup with the masterfully marinated meat.

I’m salivating already.

If you frequent that store, you may be disappointed to learn this next piece of news.

Liang Court Tamoya Udon Closing Down

You, an Udon lover:

Image: Tenor

Me, who prefers Ramen anyway:

Image: Tenor

I’m just kidding.

I mean, I genuinely don’t like udon. I only like ramen. But I’m definitely empathetic of this situation.

I’ve had many of my favourite stalls close down on me and gave me severe abandonment issues. Such as my favourite Western food stall from primary school.

Why, Auntie? Why?!

Me during recess breaks: 

Image: Giphy

Tamoya Udon made this heartbreaking announcement on their Facebook:

So you have until January 2020 to have your last few bowls of your favourite udon at Liang Court.

I suppose you can expect some really long queue this month, especially with it being a festive season.

But really, just chill out.

They’re Reopening At Plaza Sing


Image: Gfycat

No details have been released as to the new outlet at Plaza Singapura so far, but you should be happy enough knowing that it’ll be returning.

Image: Facebook

But some of the comments claimed that they’ve seen renovations for a new store opposite the food court, and suspect that that will be the new location.

However, with Plaza Sing’s central location and high human traffic, you can probably expect much longer queue times.

But the main takeaway is that they’re not gone forever, so relax.

Except that canteen auntie who would always give me extra chicken nuggets because she likes me.

Image: Gifer


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