Speaker Tan Chuan-Jin & MP Cheng Li Hui Resigned After Being Revealed to Have an Affair


PAP MPs, Tan Chuan-Jin & Cheng Li Hui, Revealed to Be Having an Affair

Speaker of the House Tan Chuan-Jin and Member of Parliament Cheng Li Hui, both PAP MPs with Tan Chuan-Jin being an MP in the Marine Parade GRC and Cheng Li Hui being in the Tampines GRC, have both resigned from their duties as MPs. Tan Chuan-Jin has also stepped down as the Speaker of the House.

Both tendered their resignations today, and initially, both didn’t reveal the real reason: Tan Chuan-Jin simply said it’s due to his  “personal misconduct”, which’d obviously lead us to think that it must be due to the hot mic issue for Tan Chuan-Jin.

In fact, in his resignation letter to PM Lee, he specifically spoke about it.

But all of a sudden, PM Lee came in and made such a shocking statement, we thought we’re watching Netflix when it was CNA.

Here’s what happened.

Speaker Tan Chuan-Jin & MP Cheng Li Hui Resigned After Being Revealed to Have an Affair

Just after Tan Chuan-Jin and Cheng Li Hui handed in their resignations, they wiped their social media clean. Then, PM Lee dropped a revelation that could make us forget all about Iswaran.

In a press conference at the Istana, he mentioned a “more serious matter” beyond the hot mic incident.

You see, Tan Chuan-Jin and Cheng Li Hui were having an affair.

Tan Chuan-Jin, a married man with two kids, is not married to Cheng Li Hui. And Ms Cheng isn’t married to Tan Chuan-Jin; in fact, she’s unmarried.

Ms Cheng, a 47-year-old businesswoman, has been representing the Tampines East division of Tampines GRC since 2015.

The 54-year-old former Speaker, Mr Tan, joined politics in 2011, and has always been an MP for Marine Parade GRC. Before that, he served in the SAF, and attained the rank Brigadier-General.

PM Lee said he found out about the relationship sometime after the 2020 general election, but didn’t know when it started. He spoke to both of them in February and counselled them.

Back then, Mr Tan admitted his mistake to PM Lee and offered his resignation, which PM Lee accepted. But PM Lee wanted Mr Tan to ensure that residents in his Kembangan-Chai Chee ward and Marine Parade GRC were taken care of. Meanwhile, Mr Tan’s relationship with Ms Cheng had to end.

But in July, he stumbled upon information that suggested the relationship was still ongoing. “I decided then that Mr Tan had to go forthwith, whether or not the arrangements were ready. It could not wait any longer,” he said.

When the video clip of Mr Tan’s unparliamentary language circulated, Mr Tan was away. PM Lee asked to see him when he was back. During the discussion, Mr Tan agreed to leave immediately due to his unparliamentary conduct and his inappropriate relationship with Ms Cheng.


Ms Cheng had also been counselled, including by PM Lee in February, but “nevertheless she had continued the relationship with Mr Tan.”

What’s Next After the Tan Chuan-Jin & Cheng Li Hui Affair

PM Lee said he would nominate a new Speaker by the next sitting of Parliament on 1 August 2023. In the meantime, Deputy Speaker Jessica Tan will be acting Speaker.

PM Lee urged all Singaporeans to give both Mr Tan and Ms Cheng, and their families, space and time to heal from the episode.

The arrangements in Marine Parade GRC are in progress, such as putting Mr Edwin Tong and Dr Tan See Leng as the lead anchor ministers in the constituency.

Now, did anyone else still remember we’re having a Presidential Election soon? No? Not me, too.