Taobao / Tmall’s GSS in S’pore: Here Got Free Shipping, Free Vouchers, Cashback & More

It’s mid-June, and you know what that means:

The World Cup is here. So is the Great Singapore Sale.

But don’t pop your confetti bombs just yet, because I’ve something just as, if not more exciting for you:

Our favourite online retailer, Taobao, is releasing a wholesome, honest to goodness GSS promotion, and you’re invited!

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(I kinda re-used the whole intro from my previous pre-GSS Taobao article, but hey if it works it works. And yes, that means if you miss the pre-GSS Taobao / Tmall sale, you really can’t miss this.)

But let’s get down to business, because the deals here sure are dirty. Cheap. 

So what’s in store this GSS?

For starters, how about a mouthwatering 200 RMB OFF SEA SHIPPING offer?

Having been implemented in the pre-GSS sale, it’s proven to be a real winner among consumers (I wonder why), and as such has returned for a second time! Rejoice!

Promotion Period: 16 June 2018 – 20 June 2018

Consolidation Period: 16 June 2018 – 16 July 2018

So how does it work? Well, you basically get 200RMB off sea shipping when your shipping fees hit 200RMB and above. And according to Taobao (and our old rival Math), there’s a proven solution to really whack it for what it’s worth: try and buy up to 20kg of items (volumetric or actual, whichever is higher).


19kg x 9.4 (cost for Subsequent Kg) + 26 (cost for First Kg) = 204.6 RMB

204.6 RMB – 200 RMB (discount rate) = 4.6 RMB

Worth it? Worth it.

Incidentally, 20kg in terms of volume would equate to a hand carry luggage, or 49cm x 49cm x 49cm if you’re the straight kind of person.


Thought that was the pinnacle of this article? Hoh, you’re never more wrong. That, my fair ladies and not so much gentlemen, was only the tip of the iceberg.


For starters, Taobao’s breaking away from its conventionally online-exclusive style with an actual offline activity at Suntec City, right in front of the new My Melody Cafe (which is where Gudetama Cafe is housed as well).

At the showcase, you’ll be able to touch, feel and test the products from their merchants. So yeah, no more blind auditions without knowing whether it’s silk or actual copper.

And check this out:


Everything shown at the Singapore event showcase will have free shipping to Singapore! That includes even sofas or beds (though I’m not certain if they’ll have free shipping of your girlfriend or wife from Suntec to your house).

Is there a better time to visit Suntec or WHAT.

Event Date: 15th to 17th June 2018
Time: 11:00 a.m. to 09:00 p.m.


I don’t think Taobao realises it, but it’s actually June and not February, seeing how they’re giving free Hongbaos worth up to 50 bucks every day. But let’s not tell them that, shall we?

Just go to the Taobao app during the promotion period and see if you’ve got a Hongbao. Quietly.

If you’re married, this could be your only chance to receive a Hongbao!

(Don’t ask us when the Hongbao will appear, though; even if we know, we won’t let you know :P)

Event Date: 15th to 18th June


We should be honoured, because Taobao’s really pulling out all the stops for this one.

From 13th June to 16th June, the online site will be pushing out shop vouchers every day at 10:00 a.m., and get this; it’s on sale at only 1RMB.

Image: GIF Finder

Event Date: 13th to 16th June
Time: 10:00 a.m.


No 1RMB? No problem. Taobao’s got your back, with at least 100 RMB worth of Big Ticket Shop vouchers up for grab.

These vouchers from Value Town will be constantly refreshed on Taobao’s main campaign page, so stay tuned. Or I should say, stay connected.

Event Date: 13th to 20th June


Taobao’s sheer generosity with paper discounts aside, what exactly are these… shop coupons?

According to Taobao, they act like a pool of credits that will offset your purchase items when you hit a certain amount, for a particular category of items. Look out for the 购物津贴 symbol on the item page, and the amount beside is how much you’ll have to hit to get the offset amount.

And here’s a loophole: items can be purchased from different shops as long as they have the same 购物津贴 amount.


Just log into your app on a daily basis, or use Tmall credits to exchange.

Distribution Period: 25th May to 20th June


Items bought from the Tmall signature store and selected merchants are eligible for returns. So don’t panic if you bought the wrong size, colour or item, because you can just flush them down the return-let and get your hard-earned money back.

Would be sweet if there’s an exchange service too though.


Selected furniture merchants will offer installation services to set up your furniture. Talk about convenience.

No wonder some people swear by buying all their furniture from Taobao. In fact, we know of someone who’s so proud of his Taobao-furnished house, he practically calls his house a Taobao house.


In my previous article for Taobao, I wrote about its all new Tmall signature store, wherein items sold in Tmall are specially picked for overseas users and must have met a certain standard in terms of quality and popularity amongst their overseas shoppers.

So yeah, instead of having to filter through countless numbers of incessant products yourself (and wondering if the dress you’ve bought for yourself will turn out to be for an infant), they do it for you. No more stress-inducing browsing; it’s all the best, and only the best for you!

So… what’s the deal?

Well, during this period, everything in the store would have FREE shipping fee. Yah, you read it right: FREE SHIPPING.

Event Date: Now until 20th June


Now, if you’re a new user, you’ll love the Tmall Signature Store even more.

From 11th to the 20th of June, new users will be able to buy an item for as low as 1.1 RMB with free shipping to Singapore, as their First Purchase.

In case you’re not aware, that’s mere SGD$0.23. Seriously.

And that’s not all; at the offline event (you know, the one in Suntec we mentioned earlier?), new users will be entitled to an additional bonus gift too!

All the more reason to visit the actual event then!


Partner Promotions

And on top of everything else, Taobao has even roped in a couple of partners this GSS. Is Taobao being over-generous or what?

Maybank: Spend S$80 and get S$15 Cashback for the first 700 cardmembers.
Spend S$200 and get S$10 Cashback for the first 500 cardmembers.
Don’t need to spend anything; just visit Singtel My Account Portal to get 20RMB Taobao GSS Voucher with minimum spend of 200RMB.

Promotion Period: 16th June 2018 to 20th June 2018

Image: Buzzfeed

Although you will have to be fast about this one though, seeing how it’s based on the age-old first come-first serve basis (unless you Singtel user lah, you lucky Singtel fellows).

Cheat sheet

If you’re sweating because there are just too many promos for you to keep track of, don’t worry; you’re not alone (although it might just be the weather being a real prick).

But no sweat, for Taobao’s gone the extra mile to make sure you’re not short-changed in any single aspect.

Seriously, Taobao, what did we ever do to deserve you?

So note down the dates

Because it’s time to shop like the king/queen you’ve always deserved to be.

Taobao GSS Sale

Teaser Period: 13th June to 15th June 2018
Actual Sale Period: 16th June to 20th June 2018

Address for offline promotion: Suntec City, in front of My Melody Cafe
Address for online promotion: Practically anywhere with Internet connection, though I’ll suggest your comfortable bed

Happy shopping!

Note, you can access Taobao’s services either through their website


Or their app.

Image: App Store

So good luck, and may the best consumer win! 🙂

For more information, click here.

This article was first published in and written in collaboration with Taobao 淘宝.