Taxi Recklessly Driving Against the Flow of Traffic Caused Biker to Jumped off His Bike


As a driver, I can say that there are a few road signs that are hard to decipher.

Take this sign, for example:

Image: One Motoring via MS News

What the heck is this? Am I approaching two speed humps, a Lego brick, or a particularly large bra on the road?

The sign, believe it or not, actually means that there’s a bumpy road ahead.

Image: One Motoring via MS News

Now, if you didn’t know what the sign above indicated, you could surely be forgiven.

But what about this one?

Image: Wikipedia

Most people over the age of two would understand what this means: if the pointy part is facing away from you, that means you go forward.

And if it’s facing towards you, that means you’re a reckless or negligent driver who’s breaking the law.

Taxi Recklessly Driving Against the Flow of Traffic Caused Biker to Jumped off His Bike

A video of a cabbie driving against traffic and almost knocking down a biker in the process has been making the rounds on social media.

The incident reportedly occurred at the junction between Upper Changi Road North & Tanah Merah Besar Road at around 8pm on 2 Apr 2020.

Footage of the incident was shared on SG Road Vigilante’s YouTube channel.


At the start of the video, the car recording the incident is travelling on the right lane of a two-lane road. The right lane is a turning lane, while the left lane is for vehicles going straight.

Image: YouTube (SG Road Vigilante)

In front of the dashcam car is a motorcyclist who is going to turn right. However, just as he approaches the junction, a yellow taxi suddenly comes speeding towards him.

Image: YouTube (SG Road Vigilante)

Fortunately, the biker manages to avoid a collision with the oncoming taxi by jumping off his bike.

Image: Gipyh via YouTube (SG Road Vigilante)

Though it was the cabbie’s fault to begin with, he also managed to swerve at the last moment to avoid a collision with the biker.

If the biker hadn’t jumped out of the way, however, an accident was likely to have occurred.

It’s unknown why the cabbie drove against the flow of traffic.

Similar Incident Occurred Few Days Ago

A similar incident took place a few days ago when a BMW turned into a lane which was against traffic.

It sped into the lane and almost got into an accident with oncoming vehicles.

The driver then realised his mistake and repositioned his vehicle in line with the arrows on the lane.

No one was hurt in the incident, thankfully.


Featured Image: YouTube (SG Road Vigilante)