Taxi Driver Gave Hilarious Field Report of How Everywhere is ‘Bo Lang’ (No People)

You should know this already, but the new measures in place for COVID-19 means that a lot of places are closing.

And workplaces are also empty now that people are working from home when possible.

You know what this means…

The perfect time for an empty street drone shot or to film a short zombie apocalypse film!

I’m an optimist. / Image: KC Green

Now, if only the darn coming recession isn’t hindering my ability to buy a drone and camera.

On the bright side, someone on the street did film the empty streets.

Taxi Driver Drives Around Singapore But Nobody Everywhere

OK, nobody really refers to “no passengers”, but in Singapore that almost seemed like an impossibility before.

A taxi driver compiled a three-minute video showing him driving through the CBD area while saying “Bo Lang” at each location.

Queues of taxis can be seen at each taxi stand waiting for passengers.

When was the last time you seen taxis waiting for passengers instead of the other way round?

And this isn’t just one location. In his video, he went through these places:

  • Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 1 and 2
  • Marina One Show Gallery, Robinson Road
  • Hitachi Tower
  • Battery Road
  • Raffles Place
  • Chinatown
  • Tanjong Pagar
  • Cecil Street
  • Marina Bay Sands
  • Singapore Flyer
  • The Ritz Carlton
  • Millenia Singapore
  • Suntec City.

Recap: Many Taxis and PHV Returned Vehicles Because Not Sustainable

You can read the articles Many Taxi & PHV Drivers Reportedly Returned Vehicles During This Period ‘Coz It’s Not Sustainable and Some Taxi & PHV Drivers To Get $20 Assistance Daily To Tide Over Coronavirus Outbreak Period, but here’s the gist.

Taxis are no longer profitable from driving around, with a reported 40% drop in earnings. Not only this meant that they were unable to cover costs like petrol and rental, they are also afraid of the potential of contracting a disease if they do get customers.

On 13 Feb 2020, it was reported that drivers are able to tap into a $77 million package from the gahmen to tide over this difficult period.

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From 14 Feb 2020, 40,000 eligible drivers will be given $20 relief per day for the next three months.

But really, $20 relief is really like applying plaster to a large wound.

Look on the bright side though: we’re making progress on climate change with reduced carbon emissions from reduced economic activity.

Image: Giphy


Drivers Given Option for Other Jobs

No doubt the authorities know about this, and Minister for Transport Khaw Boon Wan has offered a solution: be a “transport ambassador” for the next three to six months, whereby the job scope is to be deployed to MRT stations to ensure that people don’t crowd together, as well as sanitising train cabins and seats.

That is so much better than going around a ghost town, isn’t it?

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