16YO Teen Slashed 63YO Driver’s Throat Cuz’ She Couldn’t Pay RM400 Travel Fare

Goody Feed has no intention of sounding like a broken record, but seriously, violence solves absolutely nothing.

In this horrific case, a 16-year-old girl Malaysia impulsively chose to slit a taxi driver’s throat with a pen knife because she was unable to pay for her expensive taxi fare.

Not Enough Cash on Hand

Reportedly, the 16-year-old girl had booked a ride from Tangkak, Johor to Kovil Hilir, Kuala Lumpur with the MyCar app, with an agreed fare of RM400 (S$128).

Given how big Malaysia is, the trip would take hours since the taxi had to cover 160km in distance. The price seems about right. 

However, upon arriving at her destination at 2am, on 14 April, she told the 63-year-old driver that she didn’t have enough money.

The driver decided to bring her to the police station afterwards.

According to the Sentul District Police Chief ACP Beh Eng Lai, the teenager had slashed the taxi driver’s throat with a penknife “out of fear”, leaving the weapon behind before she booked it out of the car.

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Drove to the Police Station While Bleeding

Despite the wound at his neck, the taxi driver was able to drive himself to the police station, where he was later taken to the hospital via ambulance.

Image: Free Malaysia Today

The police stated that they arrested the suspect in front of a Maybank branch in Kuala Lumpur two days later (16 Apr), around 4:55pm.

The teenager did not have a criminal record before this.

Given that information, it makes me wonder why driving to a nearby bank to withdraw the necessary sum wasn’t an option on the table, or perhaps some form of digital monetary transfer?

Why the need for violence?

In any case, the suspect has been arrested and off the streets, the victim is healing under the hospital’s care.

However, it’s unknown what kind of sentence the teenager will be charged with, especially considering her minor status. 

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Featured Image: Free Malaysia Today