Man So Triggered That Taxi Nearly Hit Him, He Gave It a Kungfu Kick & Then Continued With His Business

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It seems that Singapore may have, at long last, spawned its own version of the legendary Grandmaster Ip Man.

Now, if you’ve watched the Ip Man series, you would surely be familiar with Donnie Yen’s trademark flurry of punches, kicks and defence techniques, which have frazzled even the likes of Mike Tyson.

Image: Tumblr

In addition, you would surely be familiar with how indignant Donnie Yen’s portrayal often is, and how he would not hesitate to set things right if need be.


And well, let’s just say that this man, this man we are about to talk about…

Is almost the spitting image of the wizened Wing Chun master.

Man So Triggered That Taxi Nearly Hit Him, He Gave It a Kungfu Kick & Then Continued With His Business

He’s brave. He’s nonchalant. He delivers a kung fu kick when he’s indignant.

Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Singapore’s version of Ip Man.

On Monday (26 September), Facebook group shared a particularly interesting video of an encounter at a road junction.

Image: Facebook (

In the video, a man donning a yellow top could be seen crossing the road in a cautious manner, after seemingly checking for oncoming traffic.

Just as he’s venturing across, vehicles began to turn at the discretionary right turn, with one – a blue taxi – proving a tad bit too eager.

As such, the taxi crossed at a timing that could’ve felt uncomfortable to the pedestrian.

You can see the exact instance here:

Image: Facebook (


It should be noted that the vehicle did not appear to touch the pedestrian.

But it seems that the yellow-topped man was not having any of it.

Reacting with all the finesse of a prime Donnie Yen, he paused momentarily as the taxi passed and dealt a well-timed kungfu kick to its side.

Image: Facebook (

To legitimate kung fu experts, it may not be much. But to the masses and more importantly, hardened fans of Ip Man…

It was a move reminiscent of the grandmaster himself.


And for the record, the kick was so powerful that the man actually stumbled a couple of steps.

After revealing his ultimate move, the man looked around for any potential witnesses, presumably in fear of having his secret identity leaked.

Thereafter, he proceeded to continue on his journey with utmost nonchalance, perhaps in accordance with the age-old phrase:

“Act blur; live longer.”

Image: Facebook (


You can view the full video here:

The Taxi Was In The Wrong

Lest you’re unaware, vehicles are expected to look out for pedestrians when taking discretionary right-turn junctions.

According to, “the driver of a vehicle who is in the process of turning his vehicle at a road intersection or junction where there is a pedestrian crossing shall stop his vehicle in order to give way to any pedestrian, cyclist, mobility vehicle user or PMD rider who is either crossing or is starting to cross the intersection or junction.”

So to put it simply, the blue taxi was technically in the wrong here.


And some Netizens conceded the notion.

Image: Facebook (

However, others could not help but worry about the man’s safety.

Image: Facebook (

Though there were also those who dismissed both parties as being at fault.


Image: Facebook (

Discretionary Right Turn

Though I may have made light of the situation above because no party came to harm, it should be noted that there is nothing comedic about the much-dreaded discretionary right turn.

Over the years, the discretionary right turn rule has led to a galling number of fatal accidents.

And earlier this year, a secondary school student was hit by a car making a discretionary right turn.


Thankfully, he did not suffer extensive harm as a result of the impact, and was conveyed to KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital in a conscious state for treatment.

In 2018, National University of Singapore (NUS) student Kathy Ong tragically lost her life when the vehicle she was in crashed into another during a discretionary right turn.

The driver was subsequently sentenced to eight weeks behind bars for negligence.

Since then, petitions have been set up in a bid to remove discretionary right turns at junctions.

And in 2019, Lim Sun Sun, a Nominated Member of Parliament, added her weight to the discussion.


She was hit by a bus making a discretionary right turn before.

Soon, all discretionary right turns at all junctions might be removed in Singapore.

But for now, you should always stay alert when you’re crossing a junction.