Team Behind Gong Cha Opens Seoi Gor Cafe 水哥冰室 At Holland Village!

This week, we were all caught off guard by the news that there would no longer be Gong Cha in Singapore, and that the drink brand will be revamping its name to Li Ho – serving a whole new blend of teas.

If you are still mopping over the fact that Gong Cha is gone, well, this might cheer you up!

The team behind Gong Cha has since come together and opened a new Hong Kong Cafe in Holland Village – Seoi Gor Cafe 水哥冰室! 


Tucked at Holland Drive, once you step into Seoi Gor Cafe 水哥冰室, you’ll feel as though you’ve been transported to Hong Kong – with a red green neon signboard, retro floor tiles and graphic wallpapers that resembles any ubiquitous cha chan tengs in Hong Kong. Since Seoi Gor Cafe 水哥冰室 is still rather new, it can get pretty quiet during the weekdays. 

Image: Instagram (@cweizhi)

Here at Seoi Gor Cafe 水哥冰室, you can find your favourite Hong Kong snacks and dishes ranging from iced milk tea, rice, noodles and not forgetting the traditional Hong Kong toast. However, one downside is that the number of dishes here seemed pretty limited – with only two rice dishes and three noodle dishes.

Image: Instagram (

Still, I gotta add that the marble table tops found in the cafe add a nice touch to the Instagram pictures taken in here! 

For those who love the Hong Kong Curry Fish Balls, you can also order them up at the cafe! They are sold at 3 sticks for S$5, and you can also choose from Fishballs, Fried Tau Kee and Mushroom Pork Balls.

iImage: Instagram (

Better take the chance to head down to Seoi Gor Cafe 水哥冰室 now before it starts getting really crowded!

Seoi Gor Cafe 水哥冰室
45 Holland Drive, #01-357 Singapore 270045
Tel: +65 6266 0366

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Featured Image: and Instagram (@cweizhi)

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