Teen Cries After He’s Caught Speeding As Family Forgot His Birthday, So Police Buys Him A Cake


Getting pulled over by the traffic police is never fun.

And LTA officers seem to be born with the ability to blend into the road like a grey chameleon with the sight of a falcon.

And if they catch you, well, then you’re screwed. No excuse can get you out of this one. They’ll slap you with a hefty fine and send you on your way.

Or, if it’s your birthday, they might buy you a cake instead.

Teen Cries After Getting Caught Speeding As Family Forgot His Birthday, So Police Buys Him A Cake

A Thai policeman has gone viral after he bought a cake for a teenage biker whom he caught speeding.

The Thai policeman explained that he stopped the young rider because the teen had committed a number of traffic offences.

“I was on duty. This motorcycle was driving over the speed limit with NO helmet or license plate so I decided to arrest him.”

I mean, if you’re speeding on a bike with no helmet or license plate, it’d be a miracle if you didn’t get caught. 

But the teen had an unusual reaction to the arrest. Instead of pulling the long, guilty face we all do when we get caught doing something wrong, he burst into tears instead.

Naturally, the officer was concerned and asked the young rider if everything was okay.

Don’t arrest me, they forgot my birthday

According to World of Buzz, the distressed teen then explained that he had sped away from his brother’s condominium in a rage because his family members forgot his birthday.

Image: Facebook

After hearing the teen’s story, the police officer, Kanokpan Putthapong, felt sorry for the young teen, as many of us would.

He told the teen to sit and calm down before getting on his bike to go back home. That’s nice enough, but then he went to the nearest 7-11 to buy the sad rider a cake for his birthday!

It came with lighted candles and everything.

Image: Kapook

After giving the sad teen the cake, he consoled him and let him off with a warning. The teenager, who at this point must have been incredibly happy and confused at this point, cried again because he was so moved by the officer’s gesture.

Someone call a doctor because my heart has melted. This is truly a tale to warm your soul.

The policeman later posted a photo of him and the boy on Facebook with the caption, “Happy birthday, bro. This year, the police will buy you a birthday cake.”

What a sweet, sweet man. 

Here’s a video of the beautiful exchange:

Remember folks, a little kindness can make someone’s day.