Teens Stole Their Grandma’s ATM Card to Draw Out $28,600 Savings to Spend on Branded Goods

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A Wise Old Man once said:

“Even when the entire world has shunned you, you can still trust your own family to have your back.

“Blood is thicker than water after all.”

To which I can only say:

Not every family has your back. Because from the looks of this particular topic headline…

“Sometimes, they could also turn around and ‘stab’ you right in the back.”

Teens Stole Their Grandma’s ATM Card to Draw Out $28,600 Savings to Spend on Branded Goods

According to Lianhe Zaobaotwo siblings have been charged for the theft of their grandmother’s ATM card, and subsequent spending of it without her permission.

In total, they splurged over S$28,000 on branded goods within the span of just seven days.

The incident occurred in March this year.

According to the report, the younger brother, 18, had spotted his grandmother’s ATM card lying on her bed, and decided to take it.

He then told his sister, 19, about it.

Instead of chiding him, she revealed that she knew their grandmother’s PIN number, and they began to hatch a scheme together.

Within the span of seven days, they withdrew a whopping S$28,600 and spent it on a plethora of items including sneakers, clothes, branded underwear and Apple devices.

They have since admitted to purchasing the items using money from the grandmother’s account.

Additionally, the sister is reported to have deposited S$1,013 into her own personal account, before transferring it over to her mother.

Her mother was purportedly not aware of the original source of the sum.


And that, folks, is how money laundering works.

Prepare For Trouble, Make It Double

Their grandmother would eventually find out about her missing ATM card, as well as a significant amount of money that was missing from her bank account.

Like anyone would, she proceeded to call the cops.

What she did not realise, however, is that she had essentially called the cops on her own grandchildren.

Both siblings have since been charged.

In court, the 18-year-old brother faced a total of five charges.


Apart from theft, he also confessed to molestation in an unrelated case.

He will be sentenced after specific documents, which include a youth reform report, have been released.

Previous Instances

Though rare, such high-profile cases of siblings stealing from their grandparents are not totally non-existent.

Earlier this year, a pair of young brothers had stolen their grandparents’ car for a quick joy ride, and although this didn’t happen in Singapore, the facts are equally shocking.

With the 7-year-old behind the wheel and the 6-year-old riding shotgun, the pair drove their grandparents’ 2007 Buick LaCrosse through a field and onto a county road.


The vehicle was moving along East Blue Mills Road in Jackson County when it veered off the pavement and became airborne.

It then became airborne again after hitting a guardrail, and began rolling over.

The car eventually hit a tree and landed on its top, before catching fire.

Both boys were pronounced dead on the spot.

Featured Image: Kenishirotie / Shutterstock.com

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