2 Teens Arrested After Pointing Realistic Toy Gun at Cashier in Yishun & Filming It

Teenagers doing weird things for clout has been a trend in recent weeks. What you’re about to hear is no surprise if you’ve frequented the news.

Somehow, youngsters are getting increasingly creative with the type of things they choose to film, from vaping in a Sentosa cable car to backflipping in a rhino enclosure.

This time, a video of a teenager using a toy gun at a retail store didn’t make it to the Internet as they were swiftly imposed with serious consequences.

Image: Facebook (Singapore Police Force)

What Really Happened

In a Facebook post uploaded by the Singapore Police Force (SPF) on Tuesday (18 April), it was detailed that the police arrested two 16-year-old males as they were suspected of Criminal Intimidation.

The police found that the incident on Monday (17 April) involved two boys plotting a scheme to scare the staff, but it backfired.

One of the boys went to the cashier counter to pay for an item and pulled out a toy gun as the cashier scanned it, while the other filmed it.

The incident left the staff panicking and shouting, which resulted in the boys revealing that the gun was fake while laughing.

Weapons are not a common sight in Singapore, especially not guns, so the staff’s reaction was completely justified. It’s truly no joke.

The police received a call from the store at 7:04 am. CCTV footage and ground enquiries assisted the police in identifying the two teenagers within three hours.

They also seized the toy gun, the clothing worn by the teenagers, and the mobile phone used to record the incident.

Images: Facebook (Singapore Police Force)

Here is the full post:

Netizens’ Reactions

We can all agree that teenagers acting on their rebellious tendencies is becoming increasingly common today.

After all, if we see reports of it every other week, it may be one of the more significant issues in our nation.

Image: Facebook

Some commenters on SPF’s Facebook post noted that the possible reason why these teenagers were engaging in ridiculous acts was due to the influence they got online.

Image: Facebook

Others mentioned the need for more light on such kinds of news to prevent more youngsters from participating in this epidemic of doing and filming silly things.

Image: Facebook

Some found humour in the situation, suggesting that the acts would be used for content on social media and that the police should retaliate by doing the same with their arrests.

Recent Incidents Involving Teens

Just last week, on 11 April, a male teenager was apprehended for committing an indecent act with a poor cat in an HDB corridor located in Bukit Panjang.

CCTV footage of the boy “humping” the cat surfaced online on 8 April.

The boy pulled down his pants and started assaulting the cat after scanning the corridor to ensure nobody was around.

Although the cat showed signs of distress and attempted to escape, the boy did not back down and proceeded to pick up the cat.

The cat’s owner mentioned that he had observed signs of trauma in his cat.

So please, teenagers, have a little self-control and stop doing strange things.