10 Telegram Channels / Groups in S’pore to Look for Part-Time / Temp Job (in 2022)


Last Updated on 2022-10-08 , 11:23 am

Telegram has become one of the most sought-after mass communication hubs when it comes to procuring information, and job listings are no different. Over the last couple of years, numerous job listing channels have emerged on the communication platform, with as many as 70,000 users subscribed to each.

But which Telegram channels are actually actively updated, and are they, for lack of a better phrase, reliable in a sense?

Well, lest you’re wondering that, worry not because we have compiled a list for you to peruse from.

And so, without further ado, here are 10 Telegram Channels / Groups in Singapore for you to find a part-time or temporary job during this outbreak period. And before you say it;

You’re welcome. 🙂

1. SG Part Timers

With over 100k subscribers and regular updates, SG Part Timers is a good channel for you to get the latest PT/temp job listing updates.


You can join the channel via this link.

2. Singapore Part-Time Jobs

With 71,414 subscribers and relatively active updates, Singapore Part Time Jobs is worth checking out if you’re combing for short-term job listings.

You can join the channel via this link.

3. JobHitch 

With 21,967 subscribers and relatively frequent updates, JobHitch might be worth a look if you’re looking to explore your options.

You can join the channel via this link.

4. SG Part Timers & Talents

SG Part Timers & Talents sports both industrial advertorials and user-created job listings. Worth checking out.

You can join the channel via this link.

5. SG Quick Jobs

Endeavouring to connect job seekers within mere minutes, SG Quick Jobs boasts 29,585 subscribers and a regular roster of job listing updates.

You can join the channel via this link.

6. Event Part-Timers of Singapore

Specialising in event-based positions, Event Part-Timers of Singapore promises to be a place that “satisfies all your minimal time commitment cash needs”.

You can join the channel via this link.

7. SG Part-Time Group

Touting themselves as the “fastest growing part timer group”, SG Part-Time Group endeavours to present both fantastic, and boring jobs.

You can join the group via this link.

8. Temporary Jobs – Fast Career

A platform for all kinds of temporary jobs in Singapore, Temporary Jobs – Fast Career might just be your place to go.


You can join the channel via this link.

9. Singapore Job Listings SG Work Career

Despite a focus on full-time jobs, there are also listings that are part-time in nature. Short-length contracts are also available for those looking for temporary listings.

You can join the channel via this link.

10. Goody Feed

While admittedly not orthodox in the field, Goody Feed does however circumvent this notion by posting videos and bite-sized articles, which include informational pieces such as this one.

You can join the channel via this link.

Okay, I added our channel in because I’m forced to come out with 10, but could only find 9. But hey; Goody Feed might just have some lobang in the near future, say, 2034?


Regarding the job listings in the various channels and groups mentioned above, some might overlap across groups, however, so make sure to filter through posts before deciding on one. It’ll be super paisay to send 8 same messages to the same recruiter.

With that said, all the best in your job search, and let’s make it through this pandemic safe and sound.

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