Contrary to Previous Reports, Teo Heng Isn’t Closing All Outlets Yet


21 Jan 2021 was an exciting day.

Other than hearing about the actions, and repercussions, of the US President on his first day of work, you read online that Teo Heng KTV is closing all outlets temporarily.

Well, if you’re crying internally at the thought of not having an affordable karaoke chain to go to anymore, don’t.

Because unlike what was reported yesterday, Teo Heng KTV is not closing all outlets in Singapore.

Here’s what happened.

Teo Heng ‘Closing For Good’

According to reports, Teo Heng KTV is closing all of its outlets after it was crippled by the loss of revenue since the start of the circuit breaker.

The family-friendly karaoke chain, which has been operating for 31 years, sustained losses of around S$500,000 per month since they were forced to close back in March 2020.

Despite that, the chain fought to retain all of their staff and pay them their full salaries.

And now, with the deferment of the pilot for karaoke and nightclub indefinitely, Teo Heng reportedly made the decision to “pull out” of the market.

A Temporary Move

While people are busy crying over the loss of what is possibly Singapore’s most affordable karaoke chain, it turns out that Teo Heng isn’t pulling out completely…yet.

About a few hours later, Teo Heng gave an update on the situation on their Instagram page.

In their post, Teo Heng said that they will not be closing all of its outlets as previously announced.

Teo Heng Trading is still in operation, they emphasised, and they will hold on until “further notice”.

Previously, it was reported that while Teo Heng is closing all of its KTV, they will still be selling their KTV packages.

The exit of the chain is only temporary, and it’s “only a matter of time” before Teo Heng makes a comeback.


Teo Heng KTV Outlets Closure

In fact, not all of Teo Heng’s KTV outlets are closed.

According to 8World, Teo Heng originally has 14 outlets in Singapore.

Due to Covid-19, they had closed down 3 of them, and due to the current situation, they are contemplating closing another 9 outlets.

The karaoke chain is still holding on to two outlets; one at Ci Yuan Community Club and another at Tampines West Community Club.

As both of the outlets are located at community clubs, the monthly rental is more “manageable” and the karaoke chain hopes that the People’s Association (PA) will give them their support.


Meanwhile, they are in negotiation with the landlords on their other outlets, trying to find the best way out of the unfortunate situation.

Feature Image: Facebook (Teo Heng Trading & KTV Studio)