M’sia Supermarket Provides Hilarious Pic Guide for Husbands Who’ve Never Grocery-Shop Before

Malaysia has a crisis on its hands.

Yes, they have over 1,700 Covid-19 infections, but they’re facing a much bigger problem at the moment.

Clueless husbands in supermarkets.

M’sia Supermarket Provides Hilarious Pic Guide for Husbands Who’ve Never Grocery-Shop Before

As you may know, Malaysia recently extended its nationwide lockdown till 14 Apr because the number of coronavirus infections continued to rise.

M’sia’s Lockdown Extended By Another 2 Weeks Because The Situation Isn’t Improving

As part of the country’s movement control order (MCO), only one person, or the “ketua keluarga” (head of the family), is allowed to leave the house to purchase necessities.

Now, although the Malaysian authorities did not set a clear, gender-specific definition for the term “ketua keluarga”, the “head of the family or household” is traditionally associated with male members of the family (though this is an outdated phrase and concept).

So, many Malaysian husbands took on the responsibility of buying groceries for their families.

But then many of them realised that they had no idea what the hell they were doing.

Facebook user Muzaffar Rahman uploaded a photo of a few men looking as confused as a lost kid in a mall while shopping for necessities.

Here’s the translation of the caption, courtesy of Mothership:

“Looks like they’re on a ‘treasure hunt’. These guys are just staring at their grocery lists. Lots of items to tick off. Their wives have written everything down for them. They’re taking photos and sending it to their wives on WhatsApp. One of them even video called his wife and said, “Hah look, Which one do you want??””

A conversation between a husband and wife there probably went something like this:

Wife: We need cabbage. You know how to buy cabbage, right?

Husband: Do you think I’m a dumbass? Of course, I know how to buy cabbage.

*1 hour later*

Husband: Uh, there are 42 varieties of cabbage here, what the hell do I buy?

Wife: Get Chinese cabbage.

Husband: Why don’t I get Malaysian cabbage instead? *sniggers*

Wife: …

Husband: …



Thankfully, one supermarket came to the rescue of these men.

Tesco Malaysia provided shopping guides for husbands

Tesco Malaysia, the supermarket that Singaporeans now go to bed dreaming of, posted a shopping guide for clueless husbands on their Facebook page on 24 March.

The post included detailed guides on the anatomy of chickens, which I didn’t even know was essential knowledge for those who are grocery shopping.


The post has since gone viral, with over 2,600 shares. Netizens certainly enjoyed it.

Image: Facebook (Tesco Malaysia)
Image: Facebook (Tesco Malaysia)
Image: Facebook (Tesco Malaysia)

And the guide seems to have worked. I mean, have you ever seen a person so deliriously happy after grocery shopping?

Image: Facebook (Tesco Malaysia)

It’s because he finally learned how to buy cabbage.

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