Police Said Shinzo Abe Shooter Had Blamed Abe for His Mum’s Bankruptcy Due to a Religious Group


Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past two days, you would’ve heard about the assassination of Japan’s ex-PM Shinzo Abe.

Initial reports didn’t reveal much about the shooter, but more details have since come to light.

Abe Allegedly Linked to Religious Group that Caused Mother’s Bankruptcy

The man who killed Shinzo Abe, 41-year-old Tetsuya Yamagami, believed that Abe was linked to and promoted a religious group.

According to Japanese media, Yamagami said that his mother got wrapped up in a religious group, and went bankrupt donating to it. Although the religious group wasn’t named by the media, Yamagami was quoted saying that he “resented it”.

He had also told the police that he initially planned to attack a leader of the religious group. However, he did intend to also kill Abe, who he believed had ties with the group.

Yamagami denied that his assassination had a political motive.

Made Gun with Parts Bought Online

Yamagami made the weapon using parts that he bought online. The weapon was mainly steel pipes wrapped with tape.

According to Japanese media, Yamagami had considered a bomb attack before deciding on a gun. He had spent months planning the attack, and even attended other Abe campaign events prior to this.

A spokesperson for the Japanese navy said that a person named Tetsuya Yamagami served in their navy from 2002 to 2005, though they didn’t confirm if it was the same person.

During their service, this Yamagami did train with live ammunition, and did breakdowns and maintenance of guns. However, as they are following orders throughout the process, the spokesperson said it is unlikely that he gained enough knowledge to make guns.

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Unemployed, Lived Above Bars

After leaving the navy, Yamagami worked at a factory in Kyoto as a forklift operator. This was till the middle of April, when he suddenly missed work without permission and then quit his job.

The man lived on the eighth floor of a building of small flats, where the ground floor was full of hostess bars. The elevators would only stop on three floors to save costs, so Yamagami would have to walk up a flight of stairs to his flat.

His neighbours shared that they pay 35,000 yen, or about US$260, a month in rent. They also shared that Yamagami ignored everyone, and always kept to himself.

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Featured Image: YouTube (NHK)