Texas Chicken Now Has Black Sesame Soft Serve

It’s not uncommon to see restaurants and fast food chains alike pushing out food dishes heavily inspired by TV shows or movies, putting their own gastronomical twist on it and driving people in droves to queue for these special items.

For example, McDonald’s once sold minion-shaped potato bites that were almost too cute to eat in 2017, inspired by the small yellow creatures from Despicable Me.

Image: brandeating.com

They didn’t just stop there, incorporating the minions’ favourite food, bananas, in various offerings like ice cream and even banana pie.

Image: thewackyduo.com

Yum. I miss those, can McDonald’s bring them back again, please?!

Texas Chicken’s now jumping on the bandwagon as well, for it seems like movie-inspired food is the new black.

Ice Cream In Black

Inspired by the new Men In Black: International movie (ooh, Chris Hemsworth’s starring in it), Texas Chicken’s now going to be selling black sesame flavoured soft serve on their dessert menu.

Image: Facebook/Texas Chicken Singapore

OMG, sounds amazing already!

If you’re willing to battle the crowd for a shot to try it, that is.

GIF: Giphy.com

Classic Black Sesame 

Black sesame’s been yet another trending flavour in recent years, in variations such as cakes and mochi sweets, but most commonly found in soft serve ice creams.

There’s even black sesame bubble tea somewhere out there at PlayMade… *heart eyes*

GIF: Giphy.com

It Has Health Benefits Too

First popularised by the Japanese, black sesame actually has various health benefits that we don’t actually know about, according to experts.

It’s a good source of fibre, which serves as a relief for constipation and indigestion, so lest you want to end up like that lady from Hong Kong who shat so hard during a bout of constipation that she lost her memory, maybe this is good for your diet.

Black sesame also apparently has anti-ageing properties, can decrease the risk of cancer, stabilises your blood pressure, and strengthens your bones.

Not bad, right?

GIF: Giphy.com

But of course, don’t go crazy on the black sesame ice cream as a source of healthy food, because obviously, it’s still ice cream after all – the real magic mostly lies in the plain form of black sesame seeds.

And There’s A Promotion

Just like the Men In Black, there’s more than one special fella.

Besides the black sesame soft serve, Texas Chicken’s also come out with a new Smoky BBQ flavour.

Image: Facebook/Texas Chicken Singapore

You can enjoy $2 off the Smoky BBQ Combo or Bundle if you pay with OCBC PayAnyone at any Texas Chicken outlet except Changi Airport from now!

Sounds yummy…

The new items might be for a limited time only, so if you really want to enjoy them, it’s best to grab them before they’re all out.

If eating these inspired items made you want to watch Men In Black: International as well, it’s in cinemas from 13 June. Just make sure not to bring your ice cream into the theatre to watch it, alright?

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